Wheeled Snow Shovel

Wheeled snow shovel

With 6 inches of snow in the forecast for the next couple of days this is looking pretty interesting right now.


  • Superb For Large Amounts Of Snoww In All Conditions
  • Clears 3x Faster Than Snow Shoveling with Half the Effort and Less Risk of Injury
  • Outperforms Snowblowers Without The Expense Fumes
  • Maintenance Or Noise
  • Top Ergonomic Research Center Verifies A 3X – 4X Reduction In Lower Back stress And Cardio Exertion
  • Stores Compactly By Folding Down Or Hanging Flat On The Wall

Here’s a video of it in action

$139 at Amazon via the link below.

Wheeled Snow Shovel


12 comments to Wheeled Snow Shovel

  • A&L

    That’s really cool, but my driveway is about 80 yards long and dirt
    I’ll stick with my 4 wheeler ( taken last year )


    • Mathman54

      I like it! I wonder how the Top Ergonomic Research Center would rate its Reduction In Lower Back stress And Cardio Exertion.

  • Geo

    Yeah, I bet it works well but, the question is . . . .can Bezos and Amazon get it to you by Drone in time?

  • Are you going to buy this, Dad?

  • Charlie WalksonWater

    Looks like the typical junky TV invention. But wait, if you order within the next 5 minutes, we will throw in a second one FREE!!

    I’d rather use my snowblower.

  • Kevin

    Heck! I want to buy one but don’t know what I would do with it in San Diego.

    • Tim

      Reminds me of what a friend wants to do: he wants to strap a snow shovel to the roof of his car and drive south. Once he gets to where someone asks him what is on the top of his car he knows that is where he wants to move.

  • Bella

    Ohhh yeah, like that’s gonna work? And only 139 bucks. ROTF.

  • xalaskan

    She walks, She talks, She crawls on her belly like a reptile..
    …It dices,..it slices, …makes julien fries in just seconds! Just order within the next ten minutes and recieve a BRAND NEW KEYCHAIN for absolutely free!

    (when I lived in Alaska, I would sprinkle chicken broth all over my driveway, and the neighborhood dogs would come and eat all of my snow!

  • Jonco

    It works quite well. No more bending and lifting heavy shovels full of snow.

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