A-Hole Parking Job

Asshole parking (1)

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


12 comments to A-Hole Parking Job

  • Mary

    Must be the owner of “DON(‘)T CARE” next door…

  • Keith

    That’s in Melbourne, Aust!

  • They should give him two tickets, one for each bay.

  • revrick315

    As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago my wife and I went to IHOP. I saw someone back into one of the handicapped slots in an SUV and go inside; no tags, no sign. I watched a few minutes because sometimes someone will bring out someone that’s handicapped, but nothing. We went in and I saw the guy waiting on a carryout order. He got it about the time we came in and I followed him as he headed out. That’s when I noticed he’d actually taken two slots. So, I gave him hell. Told him he couldn’t be parking in spots like this, that it was especially screwed up because he’d taken multiple spots, yada, yada. That stuff just really pisses me off. Neither one of us ended up needing to use those slots, so I guess that’s a good thing anyway.

    • Bella

      You da man Revy!!! You always stick up for the Handicapped, Veterans, Seniors and Underdogs. A handicap person would just drive by and avoid that business because it would be either too far or too painful to make the walk. You make me Proud, Sir. Just make sure that “the moron” isn’t packing heat.

    • tweety

      Kudos to you! I’m handicapped (multiple sclerosis) and I appreciate your efforts on behalf of all of us! I must agree with Bella, “You da man!!!”

    • revrick315

      Thank you, Tweety and Bella. It just seems like the right thing to do. I guess that’s one advantage to getting old and cantankerous, but then again, I’ve had this kind of attitude all my life.

  • grumpy

    Y’all really don’t think this might have been staged or Shopped (the plate was, at least)?

  • Heehee

    Handicapped in the brain.

  • Regina

    People that use the handicap spaces without a placard are bad. However, the ones that really grind my gears are the delivery trucks and utility workers that park across all of them. When I give them a piece of my mind they usually laugh me off.

  • TekDragon

    I went to get some sandwiches for the office a few weeks ago and someone with handicapped plates had parked in both the handicap spot and a regular spot. It cuts both ways as this guy was a total douche bag IMHO.

    • revrick315

      Yeah, TekDragon. The one that really gets me is when someone has a handicapped tag and plate, but it’s on a truck jacked up so high you to step up on the running boards to be able to pull yourself into the truck. I don’t begrudge someone their toys and I know that not all handicaps are visible, but if someone is healthy enough that they can rappel out of their truck to get out, then maybe they should walk an extra 100 feet and let someone that really needs the spot have it. When my son was alive, we had tags and a plate along with a wheelchair ramp in our van. Typically, I would drive up to a spot, get him out and then I’d park in a non-handicapped spot nearby. I realize that’s slightly overkill, but just the same, some folks need the spots more than others.

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