Leaf Blower Ad

Mary sends along this Craigslist ad that was posted this morning in the Tampa area FREE section….

 Leaf blower ad

Click to enlarge.

Thanks Mary


4 comments to Leaf Blower Ad

  • that1chick

    I need one, that is my least favorite chore as a dog caretaker! It needs to be strong, my girl has some really big poops!!

  • onedeafeye

    Then there’s the Canadian version…

    • Minimauve

      I was going to ask WTH is that, but I think it’s from one of Ross Petty’s Christmas pantos from years gone by… the costumes usually look a bit like that… maybe.

  • grumpy

    Any other team and I’d get so mad, I’d just… just mad, then… then… apologise.


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