Gus – Master of Taking It Easy


Gus relaxes in the chair as the family plays cards.


8 comments to Gus – Master of Taking It Easy

  • sandie

    Looks like Gus finally knows how to feel comfortable and relax. He’s come a long way and you’re a good daddy.

    • Jonco

      He is much better than he used to be but he’ll never be your “typical” dog. He now comes in and out the front door but he’s usually hesitant about it. He almost never plays with any toys. Just once in a while he’ll pick up something then walk around with it in his mouth and whine a little. But that is rare…. less than once a month. He spends most of his day laying on my bed. But in the evenings he comes downstairs to the living room and will sit on your lap as you watch TV. And what seems to be the most interesting thing is that when we have a houseful of company he comes down and wants to be in the mix… like he has to see what’s going on. Trixie, on the other hand, is into everything. She has to be with you no matter what you’re doing. They’re both wonderful dogs!

  • GUS!

    We need move photos of your dogs, Jon!

  • Janet

    Love photos of Gus. He looks very contented!

  • DJ

    Gus!! Good to finally see you again, little dude!!

  • Miss Silver


  • Lilma Smarfet

    Gussie Wussie..!

  • J-Bird

    Since you guys were playing cards, maybe you should have dealt him in!

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