Deer Trio

Deer 1113b


Moments ago this trio of deer strolled down my street and past my house.  Gus, who rarely is anywhere but on my bed during the day, happened to be lying on the landing to the upstairs of my house.  That position affords a pretty good view through the window in the front door to the street.  Trixie on the other hand was lying about three feet away from me which is her usual location.  Gus let out a couple of very rare loud barks when he spotted the deer out the window.  That sent Trixie scurrying and barking to see what she had missed.  Like a chain reaction I had to investigate all the commotion and spotted the strollers.  I quickly grabbed my camera and took these shots.


Deer 1113a

We see deer almost every day at this time of the year.

Deer 1113c

Now that the deer have moved on they’re both there on the landing waiting for the next event.

Update… A few minutes later they came back around… Click to enlarge

Deer 1113e Deer 1113f



11 thoughts on “Deer Trio

  1. Great shots, Jonco. They’re beautiful! Good size and looking like they’re getting enough to eat. At our last place, a nice subdivision, our house had woods nearby. Every night at dusk, packs of does and their kids would wander our small cul-de-sac. Stunning to see up close.


  2. What a magnificent sight to behold.Sometimes i see kangaroos in the paddock next door,but i guess I’m so used to that it doesn’t impress me anymore.


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