49 States of America

50 states in America



13 comments to 49 States of America

  • Andy from Beaverton

    Everyone knows there are 59 states.

    • ray

      This coming from the one who uses “assignations” when you meant “assassinations”. When you throw that stone, be sure to not miss your head in the process.

    • Bella

      Why couldn’t he go to Hawaii? I listened a couple of times but it screwed up when he mentioned that he couldn’t go there??? I thought that is where he was hatched?

  • DJ

    Now ^ there’s ^ a genius lol.

  • grumpy

    There are sooo many things wrong with that.

  • Sector415

    The only thing wrong with this is that people keep bringing it up as if he actually thinks are anything other than 50 states. So he starts with “50” thinking he’s actually been to every state already, then someone who knows his campaign schedule corrected him off-screen with 47. He corrects himself incompletely with “…7”, then continues: one left to go, not counting Alaska and Hawaii.

    How many hours of continuous campaigning had he done by this point? How likely would any of us have been 100% on the mark after such an ordeal, even if we knew every phase of the campaign?

    After 8 years of Bushisms (is our children learning, we will not have an all-volunteer army, fool me once…don’t get fooled again), this is the only Obama-ism that’s really stuck, and he wasn’t even President yet.

    • Ted

      I love it when anytime something negative is said about Obama, someone have to come in with this “Yes,but Bush~~~~~~~~~. Don’t worry Sector415,If you love your Obama, you can keep him.

      • DJ

        What we need is for Congress to pass the Affordable Obama Act. They can simply promise “If you like him you can keep him…period” then haul his lying ass away. Problem solved.

        • Chunkaway

          Right after they arrest and prosecute Bush and Cheney for war crimes. How many BILLIONS were spent in Iraq? How many innocent people were killed? But by all means, keep hating Obama. Makes tons of sense.

  • Rick

    Obama didn’t lie about ONE thing: “Change” is what he promised .. and a few coins is about all some people will have left by the time he leaves office.

  • infidel

    I would expect that from our great public schools

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