Friday Firesmith – On The Road!

Friday firesmithIt’s seven miles into town and another two across town, and then another eight to Tallokas Road, which is where I found Lucas just over four years ago. Then there’s another twenty-three to Moultrie. Then there is another fifty miles to my sister’s house near Albany Georgia.  I go through the little town of Doerun Georgia on the way, and past Swift Canteen road, which I think has the coolest name ever.

After lunch, I drove another seventy miles or so to my girlfriend’s house in Thomasville.  I went through Pelham and Camilla as well as Meigs.  It’s forty miles home from that point.

Total miles: 160.

Who did better?  What the coolest road name on your route? What’s your favorite thing to see as you’re passing through?

(Mine is the field where I picked Lucas up as a stray)

Take Care,

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