Rob Ford – Crack smoking Mayor of Toronto – Jon Stewart

Probably NSFW …or kids


3 comments to Rob Ford – Crack smoking Mayor of Toronto – Jon Stewart

  • David

    Toronto is an hour down the road from me. The Rob and Doug Ford circus has been going on here for a long time, but the world is just getting to understand the two boneheads now. They were just signed up for their own TV show that makes FOX News look informative. We can’t make this stuff up.

    • Bella

      He makes us Canuckleheads some proud, eh? The council cannot even be able to kick his sorry ass out of office, yet? We stand on guard for YOU, Rob Ford? Me thinks not.

      • Bella

        Great example for his children. Become a mean mouth, liar, and a problem with alcohol, food, and crack….and you could become Mayor of one of the Major cities of Canada with the support of buddy Mr. Harper (Prime Minister of Canada). Wonder what they do on them fishing trips?

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