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Friday firesmithI’m not a big fan of the Ain’t Got No crowd. The AGN’s are what cripples the South as far as education and culture. They do keep Wal-Wart from going broke and hardly a day goes by that some meth-ed up mullet topped grease eater doesn’t make the news by doing something incredible stupid that just so happens to draw a lot of jail time. And for reasons that escape me, the guy living in a single wide with a rebel flag in the front yard with the plastic flamingos always seems to have a very strong option without volume control.

So this isn’t about me pulling up a rocking chair to preach the gospel of the Good Ole Boy.

But what we have here is one of the AGN’s that has been convicted of killing eight people in a single wide trailer. Supposedly he beat them all to death as they slept. Not one of them woke up and screamed. Not one of them was able to fight him off and alert the others. No one heard anything and this guy acted alone.

I’m not real sure I buy this one at all.

To begin with no one beats eight people to death in a trailer and no one hears anything. You can sneeze in a trailer and people in the trailers to either side of you will say “God Bless You” or “Shut the Hell Up” depending on if it’s before the day of the month they get their checks or the day after.
That’s the real problem here. It’s really hard to get past that.

But no one else was looked at as a suspect. The first man to call it in got nabbed. That’s not terrible police work as long as you back it up but there isn’t a whole lot more.

He’s got blood on him. Well who the hell wouldn’t if they went inside their home and found eight dead people.

His fingerprints are on a shotgun in the house. Hell, he lives there.

It’s all about the drugs. Yeah, it always is, isn’t it? Except when it isn’t.

I’m going to have to take a long hard look at this one. I was one of the first people to call Kenny Hardwick a liar and do it out loud. Of course, no one in law enforcement believed a word he said from the beginning because his story was just too weird to be true.  Just like their story now.

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8 comments to Friday Firesmith – Free The AGN

  • crispy

    Having lived in a trailer: yeah, it’s pretty hard to keep a secret in a trailer.

  • xoxoxoBruce

    “Police found the victims scattered between five rooms of the cramped mobile home.”

    8 people, in 5 rooms, of a single wide? No way.

  • revrick315

    Well, yes, this is odd. Now, let’s see…it’s 2 PM. Billy Bob stops in at the trailer. Chester beats him to death and throws him in a room. Jeffy’s driving by and sees Billy Bob’s truck. “Hey, Chester, you seen…uhhjhhhlalkjjs” Next body to a room. Two others stop in, Chester smacks one with the shotgun and beats the hell out of the other guy. I don’t think anything said there were 8 guys around playing with Nintendo and one guys walks through and beats them to death.

    I can’t say this is how it happened, but if I were Chester, it might be a thought.

    (Now, I’ve actually gone back and read the link. Some variant of my story might still be plausible. Alternately, 2-3 of them killed the others and he just cleaned up those 2-3 at the end)

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