The self-driving car will be reality by 2020

The truly self-driving car will be reality by 2020. So automakers and suppliers are saying in the wake of the huge Frankfurt Auto Show. The most prominent was the Mercedes-Benz S500 Intelligent Drive research vehicle, which a month earlier retraced the first road trip, 103 km (64 miles), taken by the first passenger car in 1888 (a Benz, of course). The breadth of players involved in autonomous driving shows how big, and serious, self-driving has become: Nokia, IBM, Continental, and virtually all the world’s top automakers are involved, and of course Google.



6 comments to The self-driving car will be reality by 2020

  • Kevin

    Google has self-driving cars that have logged over 300,000 miles without an incident. Well… one accident but a human was driving the car at the time. These cars are already being tested in three states, though in Nevada and California someone has to be behind the wheel and paying attention. Don’t know about Florida’s rules. It’s estimated by 2040 we will no longer need driver’s licensees.

  • Emily

    I honestly can’t wait for this since I really despise driving anymore. People can’t handle driving anymore with all the distractions such as cell phones and what not. Taking the human equation out of driving is honestly the only way that the gridlock/distractions will be addressed.

  • Kevin

    I read an article a while back said, in the future, these times will be an interesting blip on mankind’s radar. It will have been the only period in history where we completely controlled our mode of transportation. Before cars we had horses and other beasts of burden which, while under our control, were also aware of their surroundings. This was most often a benefit whereas a horse would know not to jump off a cliff even if the driver was suicidal enough to try it. Sometimes it was not so great such as when the horse would get spooked and throw the rider. With driverless cars we are now headed back in that direction, maybe even further, where we will just tell our transport where we want to go and then hand the reins over to it. Take a nap, read a book, drink a beer. It should be an interesting world we’re entering. I wonder if people in the late 19th century were excited or afraid when their moment came?

  • grumpy

    It’s here. It’s called public transportation.

    My prediction for 2050, the hybrid will be a vehicle that gets you to a rail line kinda thing that you drive to and then connect to and then finish driving to your destination.

  • Felix

    Kevin, the real difference to Google is that Mercedes is able to integrate the complete technology into an actual car, no hideous scanner on the roof and/or everywhere else. And Mercedes proves its technology in a dense urban area. Central European city centers aren’t checkerboards. Logging 300,000 miles cruising through the vast nothing of the mid west is still impressive – however it lacks real applicability.

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