Audi R8 Races Motorbikes On Public Highway (174 mph)

This is as scary as Hell…  not to mention stupid.

Thanks BigRedKev


13 comments to Audi R8 Races Motorbikes On Public Highway (174 mph)

  • Kevin

    Think they would have had so much fun if they or one of the bikers would have crashed?

  • bob miclette

    What a bunch of idiots! It’s bad enough if they want to kill themselves, but what about if they kill innocents? Dumba**es!

  • Yeah, this video would have made interesting viewing material for the prosecution in a vehicular manslaughter case.

    At 174 miles an hour you are very nearly doing a mile in twenty seconds or about two hundred sixty feet a second.

    Control, after a crash at this speed is only obtainable by stopping, which isn’t going to happen for quite some time, unless it happens very abruptly.

    Either way… you aren’t going to like it.

  • Sander

    I love me a good race, but there was WAY too much traffic for that.

    Sidenote, I bet the passenger is hot. My ex-wife would freak out even if I made a legal pass of a car on a 2-lane highway. I used to drive highway so much, I purposely bought a car that could do 60-80 in less than 4 seconds to make passing safer.

    Unfortunately, my car is electronically speed limited to 108 mph, which I can hit in about 20 seconds.

    • We want video of that, Sanders.

      • Sander

        I actually have video of me chasing after two motorcycles just like this video. Difference being, there was absolutely no other cars around. We didn’t pass a single car. It really wasn’t that exciting though, cause without other cars to fly by, you can’t really tell speed in the video so it just looked like we were on a sunday drive even though we were doing 100+.

    • Andy from Beaverton

      I was trying to think of a car with the performance you listed while also being speed limited. The closest I could come up with is a

      The driver and two motorcyclists should be doing time. The proper place to show off is on a race track. I rode in an older TransAm series Porsche at PIR. I had thought the driver was being paid to kill me. On the second lap, I realized he would also die. Racing slicks create lateral g’s not possible with road tires.

      • Sander

        Most modern day higher powered V6 sedans can accomplish this. Heck, a Toyota Camry can hit 100mph in about 15 seconds. And depending on how crappy the tires are that they put on there, they electronically speed limit them for safety reasons.

  • Lukas

    video shot in brazil…

    im rather surprised because in the cities of brazil, there are TONS of speed cameras.. i guess not so on the highway…

    I’m not even mad, he drives really well.

  • another brazlian rich boy with no care for consequence because his daddy will take care of things for him … including a nice obituary saying what a good boy he was in spite of killing an entire family on their way to he beach … i’ve been on that exact highway and that guy is the very definition of “douche”

  • Sterling

    Dude has James Bond Balls.

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