Proper Improper Grammar

Proper improper grammar


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  • that1chick

    I use ain’t, and type it, and y’all. I guess that’s what I get for growing up in Texas. i’m sure ya’ll that grew up in the South do too

    • grumpy

      y’all and ya’ll?

      Hmmm. I was told on this very site that “y’all” is singular and “all y’all” is plural.

      Not to mention, there are at least 3 other grammar errors in that sentence. I will not bother to mention the education system in Texas, the 2nd largest state.

      • that1chick

        I never realized this was a Mensa meeting, my bad. Please excuse any typos, or grammatical errors you may find, as I’m clearly not on your level. I’d rather stay down here with the common folks any how. They’re more to my liking.
        BTW Texas has fine schools.

  • Pile of Pooh

    I like to use y’all because a lot of people will go absolutely mental when they see it in writing. Quite amusing.

  • DJ

    If “isn’t” is a contraction for “is not”, and “don’t” for “do not”, and “can’t” for “can not”, wtf is up with “ain’t”??

  • tweety

    Linguistically speaking, “ain’t” is a perfectly acceptable word. It is a contraction for the verb “be” am, is, are) plus a negative. Before those pesky mathematicians decided that language should be like math where two negatives equal a positive, “ain’t” was a convenient way to be emphatic. In fact, the more negatives placed into a sentence, the more emphasis you were using. Many modern languages still employ this method of negation. Think back to high school French class” “ne + verb + pas” made the sentence negative.

    • Mathman54

      Hey! Don’t blame those pesky mathematicians! (We’re pesky, but not for grammar reasons.) Blame some English clergyman who tried to shoe-horn Latin grammar into the English language. All that nonsense comes from the mother country.

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