What is the bane of your existence?

This question came up in a recent conversation and I wasn’t sure what it meant.  So I Googled it. 

It means an object of great annoyance to yourself. The word “bane” means; a) A cause of harm, ruin, or death or b) A source of persistent annoyance or exasperation.

What is the bane of your existence?


20 comments to What is the bane of your existence?

  • David

    My co-worker – but, thankfully, he has finally left the company! And I’m still picking up the pieces of the EXTREMELY ineffectual work he produced. So I guess I’ll have to find a new bane of my existence!

  • Kevin

    Lately? Doing a lot of work in the yard, it’s those little bugs that fly into my ear and make such a huge racket. You kill one, two more fly in.

  • hcmom

    WAY too often, myself.

  • Janet

    Rude people, Bad customer service, Overcharging in shops….I could go on but thats enough for now!

  • Tomcat

    Unfortunately, my mother.

  • William

    Living in Houston TX

  • Richard

    My wife’s family…Just kidding. Their last name is Bane.

  • Larry

    Obama and Congress.

  • HJ

    Republicans. (I’d leave it at that, but the comment form won’t let me.)

  • Andy from Beaverton

    Ignorant and or stupid people. Politicians are both.

  • Qoumidan

    When I got married I moved to where my new husband’s family lived and ended up hanging out with his aunt and cousins a lot. After a few years, his male cousin began introducing me to his friends as “the bane of his existence.”

    I’m pretty proud of that title.

    I think politics is my bane. Always blaming “the other party” is really bad.

  • Karen

    Poor grammar. It makes me CRAZY. I am a teacher, I don’t correct adults, but it still kills me.

  • Shari

    John Boehner for obvious reasons but his misspells his name.john-boehner-sequester.jpg

  • grumpy

    So many “banes”, so little time to eliminate them.

    Isn’t b): a pet-peeve?

  • Grog

    Banks! Banks as service providers, and equally as customers. You’ve never known frustration until you’ve dealt with a department only banks and other financial services have, called Compliance.

  • Bella

    Time is my bane. I just don’t seem to have enough of it. Oh sure we’ve all heard that but I don’t. Not enough time to spend with my grandbabies, in my garden, lunching with friends, having a beer with a buddy, picking up the phone to call someone I miss, fishing, take the dogs for a long walk through a field, road trip, a girl’s day out shopping, just even watching a movie. It seems I only work or work around the house and sleep. :( Gotta make some changes here. Crap.

  • Kevin

    Bane is the bane of my existence. I’m Batman!

  • Doe

    People who incorrectly say should of, could of, would of instead of should have, could have, would have, which are correct. Drives me nuts in both spoken and written form.

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