4 thoughts on “This is real recycling”

  1. This is a google page of the floating islands made by Richie Sawa, entirely out of plastic bottles.
    In case this link doesn’t work, go to google > images, then type in ‘spiral island website’ …amazing.


  2. I dont’t think the above link will work for an entire google page, but here is a picture of his first pop-bottle island. I would actually do this.

    • Thank you Grumpy!
      The great gyres of all the oceans have garbage in the central vortex. This guy needs no assistance from the outside, even the island itself has its own eco-system, he even has schools of fish living under his island feeding on the barncles and tube worms. he has a composter and a solar oven. What a great way to spend Armageddon! citrus plants and gardens, chickens and pigs and fish,
      A gps unit, proximity alarm radar, a parafoil kite and a sea anchor, you could navigate almost anywhere using the trade winds and sea currents.
      WHAT FUN!!!


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