7 thoughts on “Trixie – My Laptop Dog

  1. WTF is the DNA reason to have hair in front of your eyes?

    I’m going with evolution, not the Jewish fairy tale about Noah, on this one folks.


    • Dogs were bred for traits desired by humans, and many of their traits were introduced through selective breeding by humans, not natural evolution. Along with the primary traits that we bred for (domestication, hunting or herding ability, protection), some secondary genetic traits came along for the ride. Such as coloration, fur type, shape of the ears, etc. Hair in front of her eyes isn’t natural, it’s something that we introduced (likely unintentionally) through breeding.

      It’s like saying, “what’s the genetic advantage for a watermelon vine to make seedless watermelon fruit?” Obviously, there’s no advantage to a plant that cannot make seeds, because they cannot reproduce … it was breeding introduced by humans that brought that trait about.


    • She is a VERY sweet dog and definitely a Daddy’s girl. I will admit that the treat bag is next to the chair just on the other side of the table.


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