Generation Gap

Generation gap

Just this morning I was thinking about this very scenario.   I got the bill for my newspaper delivery.  While I used to read the newspaper every day,  I now get only the Sunday paper delivered.  Sometimes I don’t read much of it, though I do try to look through some of the ads.

I was in the convenience store business for 40 years.  We owned a small neighborhood store and at one point we sold 125–130 Sunday newspapers every week.  When we left the business in 2009 Sunday newspaper sales had dwindled to about 10 per week.  Part of that was due to increased paper prices, overall declining sales and change in the neighborhood but I think people just stopped reading the newspaper.

I get most of my local news from the early morning and 10 pm newscasts on television.  I also get it online which is where I get much of my national news too.  I do read our local weekly neighborhood newspaper pretty regularly.  I’ve reached the age where I look at the obituary pages and count how many people are younger than I am that have unfortunately made this section of the paper.  So far there are usually more older than me than younger but the gap is narrowing.

The age of technology has changed our world more than people realize (perfect example) and I think it’s for the better for the most part.  Of course some changes sadden me, like the loss of newspapers and fewer one on one conversations, but the gains are so much greater. 

I feel that I cover both spectrums in the photo above.  While I’m closer in age to the two gentlemen on the left I embrace technology and am excited about its future.


8 thoughts on “Generation Gap

  1. I still get the paper delivered every day because it is difficult to read the comics online and impossible to do the crossword puzzle…


      • Wanting to know what kind of “liberal rag” it is, a quick google search turned up a blog post by a former AJC reporter of 27 years, Maria Saporta, stating: “So the AJC’s attempts to appeal to conservative, Republican suburbanites by alienating its urban readers is not paying off … the AJC has a bias editor — an editor meant to remove all liberal biases within the newspapers news pages. Unfortunately, the newspaper has no bias editor to filter out the Fox News, conservative babble that distorts the information in those same pages.”

        Unless things have changed in the last three years, this is what a “liberal rag” looks like?


        • if you were here you would know what it is, I am not going to debate it with you. To be fair they do expose some of the crime in our Gubmit on both sides and report on it in detail.


  2. I’m 46, and love technology. I’m an early adopter of most new technologies. But I still have my daily newspaper delivered, and I still read it front-to-back every day. I’m a news junkie, and I find that I cannot get real news reliably over the internet. (i define news as “shit that is happening in the world”, not “Size of Kim Kardashian’s ass”)



  3. I have to have my LA Times every morning (it’s delivered). I’ve been reading the paper every morning so long I wouldn’t know what to do without it. I just hope the LA Times outlives me.


  4. I read 86 headlines on 5 sites and 32 paragraphs below some of them today.

    I’m educatated to no what is going on and can join any conservation.
    Becus most persons read les than 15 headlins.


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