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Thumbs updnThumbs Down:  I’ve disabled the Thumbs Down button at the bottom of posts on a trial basis.  We have a few trolls who down-vote every post so the tally isn’t very accurate or helpful.  For now we’ll keep the Thumbs Up button so readers can see what posts others seem to like. Links:  The links in the sidebar to have generated a modest amount of monthly income to B&P.  However has decided to cut ties with affiliates in Missouri and other states as the states are trying to require that sales tax be collected for each sale.  I think this would be a nightmare for Amazon because of all the different tax rates that the various municipalities have.  If there were one tax rate for each state then it would seem fair and doable.  Amazon supports the Marketplace Fairness Act now pending in Congress that would create a simplified framework to resolve interstate sales tax issues.

So if you wish to support B&P by making a purchase thru using the links in the sidebar or this link you must do it before the end of the day tomorrow, Tuesday, August 27.  It would be really nice if someone could but a new house or car thru Amazon.  🙂   SHOP NOW!

The Amazon links will be removed on Wednesday.



25 thoughts on “Website changes…

  1. I would, if I could
    Of course I should

    I travel back and forth
    From the Great White North

    Alas, no Amazon Dot See, Eh? (.ca)
    What can I say?

    This may sound frumpy
    Coming from Grumpy.

    But you missed the boat
    When I wrote

    What are we, “chopped liver”?
    I could have been a very large giver.

    Apologies to Dr. Seuss
    For my poetic abuse.

  2. I noticed recently that no matter how good the post was, someone was voting thumbs down. What the heck is wrong with some people?

    • “Good” is an opinion. Everyone dislikes something, and nothing is so good that everyone likes it. Do you know that is was the same someone voting down? (Jonco may, I don’t.)

      The problem with “thumbs down” is that there’s no indication of why. Was it because the video quality is poor, because it’s too long, or because of the message?

      I used it, as well as “thumb up”, but I vote for only a fraction of posts. In the absence of “thumbs down”, I’m not apt to vote “up” either unless it’s outstanding.

  3. Of course Amazon supports the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) because they are a big company that can handle it–their smaller competitors won’t be able to handle the MFA and will go under.

    Too bad Amazon and others that must collect local taxes never heard of Vertex (

  4. I’ve been visiting this site for a couple of years now.
    There are thumbs up and down things?!
    I never noticed…

  5. Californians now pay sales tax on purchases. Amazon fought it tooth and nail, but given that the market in California is so large, they gave in. It’s really not difficult to do the differing taxes if you have a computer, as I assume all Amazon shippers do.

    • So California has passed a law requiring online sellers to collect sales taxes on ALL purchases from that state. Missouri (and I’m sure many other states) have no such law per se, so Amazon can sell and ship to Missouri residents without having to collect sales taxes. Missouri law is changing that would require them to collect the taxes if they have physical locations or affiliates (people like me) or who link to Amazon sites. While MO purchasers don’t pay sales taxes thru purchases they are required by law to pay a Use Tax for online purchases where sales tax was not collected. That is a form the taxpayer should fill out and send in to the state just like their income tax return.

  6. I have noticed the thumbs down too and am entertained by the lack of coherent thought behind it.
    Another amusing behavior displayed by many people on the internet is the act of voting ‘I don’t know’ on an online survey. Why would someone take the time to do that? Adding “I wish to express my constitutional right to have absolutely no opinion on this subject at all”,would be a way to separate the principled non-opinioned from the true non-opinioned. ;^)

    • Interesting. I don’t know if they’ll lose enough business to implement that here or not, but I probably think not.

  7. The tax thing really can be a problem for some. Here in Georgia, every county and city has their own sales tax rate, even exempting some food items but not others. We also have a tax free weekend at the start of the school year that exempts items that the state considers to be school related, so what happens if you buy an exempted item during that weekend? Also, brick and mortar stores are claiming that forcing shippers to collect sales tax will level the playing field but they are ignoring the fact that somebody has to pay the shipping fee.

  8. I don’t understand why you even have/had thumbs up or down. What purpose does it serve? A person comes to the site, sees the image and reacts accordingly. Then as they scroll down they notice the “votes”. Will that change their thoughts? “Oh, hey, I thought that photo was funny, but now I see it has more thumbs down than up. I must take my laughter back.”

    It’s not like StumbleUpon where they take tally of such votes so they know what sites to send you to.

    This site is yours. You post what you like. I highly doubt if you opted to not allow a vote, people will stop coming here and risk not seeing a bunch of hilarious stuff and maybe something that does nothing for them once in a great while.

    Perhaps a thumbs up or down vote on thumbs is called for in this instance.

    • While I do post thinks that I find funny or interesting it’s nice to get a feel for how the readers here feel about posts. I also take the “likes” into consideration for the few posts that I link to on the Best of B&P Facebook page. I figure if people like it here then I might want to share it there also.

  9. Having the thumbs down button as well as the thumbs up button is one of the best parts of being able to comment on here. It makes a differentiation between this site and Fascistbook which forces you to either like or have no feelings whatsoever toward something by not giving you an option to show that you dislike or disagree with something, or simply didn’t enjoy it as much as something you’ve given a thumbs up. It’s all very well to say that people don’t always say why they hit the dislike button, but I’ve not seen many items on here ~ever~ where the number of ~thumbs ups~ tallies with the number of comments explaining why people like it either. Without the thumbs down button, I would just stop using them at all as I don’t like having choices taken away. Only having a tally of how many thumbs ups there are makes having them at all completely pointless; something could have twenty thumbs ups, but there could have been sixty people who disliked the item who were unable to give their vote. Have both or neither but not only one.

    • There are about 18,000 to 20,000 page view a day on this site. The most thumb ratings on posts (up or down) I can recall is about 30 or so in one day. So it’s not like everybody is using the thumb rating system. Normally it’s about 10-30 per day. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the thumbs down ratings anyway but the thumbs up ones tell me that people like a particular post a little more than average…. at least they made the effort to give it a thumbs up.

  10. I think it all adds up to have a “ranking” system. You know what I mean.

    Thumbs up/down give a 50% opinion, a 5 star system gives a “1” 20%, a 10 star only gives a 10% opinion. Much better way to judge feedback.

    IMHO 😉

    • True… but the last time I looked at a star system it ate up a lot of server resources and I got flack from the host company. I might look into it again and see if there’s a better alternative available.

      • Yeah, I hear ya. I use multiple recipe sites and “ranking” plus comments are a big help.

        Reading comments are what draw me to most sites I visit.

        Anyway, maybe up/down on each comment, or a contest for most/best comments (and I hearby eliminate myself from said contest).

  11. I mentioned it once and then held my tongue… but every single page on this site I would notice that bright red thumbs down and go “wow, people hated this… oh wait, there’s thumbs up too, just the green doesn’t stand out.” Having the thumbs down will really make the site’s posts look more popular.


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