Today is Left Hander’s Day

Left-handders dayFun fact: only about 10 percent of the population is left-handed! If you’re part of this 10 percent of super Southpaws, congratulations, today is for you. As for the other 90% of us, today is a day to celebrate the other side, by only using your left hand for everything, all day. This may seem weird at first, but it will actually help you exercise your brain by integrating the two hemispheres!

‘So let’s all become superhuman today in celebration of this awesome holiday! (For more weird lefty facts click here.)



9 comments to Today is Left Hander’s Day

  • Janet

    Hooray for us lefties

    • Jonco

      Yay! Me Too Janet.

    • revrick315

      I’ll join in as well.

    • Kevin

      Count me in. I used to be bi. Don’t know about you guys but my folks tried making me a right-hander. To this day I still sometimes start eating or throwing with my right hand without realizing it.

      • revrick315

        Most lefties are better with their right than a righty is with their left. I think it’s because there are so many items that are by design for a righty and we’ve had to adjust. Scissors have always been problematic. I do computer support and have always used a mouse on the right. I play the guitar right-handed as well. I used to play golf right-handed, but I’ve found my game sucks either way so it’s irrelevant.

        • Kevin

          I think you’re spot on. While I can use a mouse fine right-handed I use mine left-handed with the buttons reversed. Drives my friends crazy when they use my computer. They just can’t do it. Probably because they always move the mouse to their right hand but the buttons are still reversed?

  • victoria

    yeah, me too. but no one baked me a cake.

  • Steve

    I’m left handed as well as a brother and sister.

  • grumpy

    Lefties have an advantage in a street fight. No one expects a right feint, then a left handed roundhouse to the chops.

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