Throwing Rocks

Throwing rocks



7 comments to Throwing Rocks

  • Sander

    There is a special place in hell for people who take the time to make this little graphics but don’t take the time to spell check.

  • Scott

    As long as people continue to comment on intentionally misspelled words in graphics, they’ll still make them. It’s the oldest gag on the net.

  • Elagie

    Scott, I would love to think that people intentionally misspell graphics (although how pathetic must be the lives of people who would do it just to get a reaction.) I don’t buy it. Unless people are also intentionally misspelling posts and comments everywhere, I think it’s just a sign of laziness, possibly some misguided, childish self-righteousness (you’re not the boss of me!), or simple ignorance.

  • Hear, hear, Elagie … my sentiments exactly! In the last five years I’ve found just ONE restaurant / café that had no spelling errors in their menu. I commented on it to the waitress who said, “The owner is a retired English teacher.” Enough said!

  • Scott

    Maybe some of these graphics are a result of laziness or ignorance, but certainly not all. You must be new to the internet to beleive no one would ever do something childish such as intentionally misspell a word or too just for the fun of it and to see who will react.

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