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Star ratingI’m trying out a rating system for posts.  It has 5 stars so you can choose how much you like a particular post with 5 stars meaning that you like it a lot.  This is a trial until I get a feel for how well it works and if it creates any problems for my ISP.

You can only cast one vote per post.  The stars are yellow until you vote.  Once you vote they become orange.

Let me know what you think.

Update:  I’ve also moved the share buttons into a single dropdown menu just below the star rating.


11 thoughts on “Star Rating for Posts

  1. s
    i do realise that you got downvotes consistently on some pretty good posts.
    but really?
    i would appreciate it, although you of course are not obligated to explain to me, why you are “implementing” this new “system.

    why not just leave it blank?

    please ‘splain. i am not a blogger, so i probably don’t get it.

    • Well, I don’t know for sure, and I’m sure Jonco will reply, but I’m sure part of this is related to marketing. Although Jonco isn’t getting rich off his sites, there are costs associated with maintaining them. In order to increase the ‘customer base’ or readership, you have to know what the viewers want. By having a rating system, he can determine what sells, e.g. the articles that will bring the most viewers to the site. If items are continually rated with 1 star, odds are the viewers are going to stop coming to the site. However, if they’re constantly 5’s the odds are the viewers are going to return again and again and ideally take advantage of the pass-through links on the pages.

      The other option is that Jonco likes playing with WordPress tools and is going to just post whatever the hell he wants and isn’t going to worry about what we think.

    • Like Rev says, it’s partly for my benefit and partly for the reader’s benefit. It helps me understand what the readers like and don’t like and how much they like something. As a reader I look at ratings as a helpful tool whether I’m looking at movie reviews or hotel selections or something else. I like to see what other readers like or don’t like. The 5 star ratings allow the reader to select a degree of ‘likiness’ as opposed to just a thumbs up or thumbs down choice. As I mentioned it is a trial. If the readers or I don’t like it then it’ll probably disappear before long. If it creates a problem with my website host like a different rating system I tried a couple years ago did, then it will most likely be removed also.

  2. I like the having the shares options all under one dropdown. The shares were beginning to take up more real estate than the features and I was always scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. : )

  3. I like the star system and am more inclined to use it.
    Dubba’s right about the share dropdown – all those little icons took up too much precious real estate.

  4. Hey Jonco, is it possible to hide the results until after the user has made their choice? I find I tend to be influenced by what others have chosen. Also, why stars? Shouldn’t you have beer cans or something else suitably… uhh… Jonco-y?

    • Good idea but I don’t have a clue how to hide it. It’s a plugin that does the work and that’s not an option. I believe you can change the icon though. I’ll give that some thought.

  5. Who the hell ever though that rating systems were a good idea?
    I say get back the clutter of “sharing”. Cuz you know how often it used.

    I like things like they were in my day. At least, at a minimum, put up an “Under Construction” traffic sign symbol.

    • Back in your day there were typewriters and you had to go the the library to look something up… in your horse and buggy. 🙂
      Or, are you from the quill and ink bottle days that were pre-typewriter?


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