14 thoughts on “Dolly Parton – Slow Ass “Jolene”

  1. I have to agree with Aaron and mary. The song itself is sort of a woeful dirge, and slowing it down makes it more eerie, more pleading, and gives you time to think about it. Also, it is a testament to the control Dolly has of her own voice, where most songs when slowed down, makes the singer sound drunk.


  2. Ok, so, there are at least 5 of us (including Jonco) that know what it means to say it’s a 45 rpm played at 33 rpm.


  3. Eight. 🙂 I agree. Excellent control of her voice and both sound awesome, not many artists could sound so good.


  4. I found this hard to believe.

    So, I got out an old album by Paul McCartney (Ram), flopped it on without looking, moved it to 45 mode.

    Guess what? It sounded like Dolly (speeded up a touch)

    Too boot, the name of the song happened to be, I’m still, gabberflassed, “Heart of the Country”!

    See. I do do my due diligence when I hear something on the internet. 😉


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