Bag Baby

A Greek doctor snapped this amazing image during a caesarian section. Unusually, the amniotic sac remained intact as the birth progressed. Typically it breaks, but this time it did not -leading to the baby not even being aware it had been born. This baby was born safe and healthy. 

Baby in a bag


Thanks Bella


7 comments to Bag Baby

  • rtkane

    Ugh, childbirth is gross, whether the baby comes out naturally or c-section (I’ve seen both in person, glad I don’t have to do that again!)

    • Bella

      You’re kidding, right? That right there is the miracle of life. I think it’s beautiful. Each to their own.

      • rtkane

        Nope, not kidding. I’ve been fortunate to witness the birth of both of my kids (one natural, one c-section) and it was not the prettiest thing to see. All of the fluids and blood, etc….very gross. I don’t deny the miracle of life, but it’s definitely not pretty. :)

  • grumpy

    What’s with the, umm, “head” part?

    That doesn’t even look close to normal. At least nothing like I’ve seen on documentary TV.

    Kinda cool though. Jonco could have cropped it and asked us to guess what it is. ;-)

  • Pile of Pooh

    Um… did NOT need to see that. Put that shit behind a warning label, please.

  • Clair

    Well that is most definitely NOT something I wanted to see while on this page.

  • Tylynn

    Absolutely amazing and scary at the same time!

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