PBJ 2.0

Pbj 2.0



6 comments to PBJ 2.0

  • Michael Jones

    Jonco, I think the RSS feed is broken. Your other sites seem to still work fine. Bitsandpieces stopped updating RSS on 7/11.

  • grumpy

    Just add bacon and you got Heaven on earth.

    Enjoy it now, cuz we are all gonna party in Hell sooner or later.

  • xalaskan

    Hmmmm.. no recipe..
    My guess is : strawberry jelly, honey, Miracle whip. #2: chunky peanut butter, chocolate, cheez whiz.

    …no pickles?

    • ChrisInAtlanta

      Gadzooks! It’s Strawberry preserves, honey, marshmallow fluff, then chunky peanut butter, nutella/hazelnut/chocolate spread, smooth peanut butter. And it looks wonderful!

      • xalaskan

        Oh my gosh, saved me from a gastric disaster. I thought one of them might even be hot chinese mustard sauce. hahaha, Thanks!

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