Hey Vendor Guy…

Vendor guy

Thanks Krisgo



6 comments to Hey Vendor Guy…

  • Cole

    Ain’t nobody got time for $0.95.

  • grumpy

    The only people that seem to have coin these days are very old people (bless them) that are in front of you in checkout lines.

    Any coin I have goes into a jar and gets deposited once a month.

    Hello World!! Debit Cards! You get a record of where all your money went as a side benefit.

  • ChrisInAtlanta

    So. . . This guy is telling the vending machine guy to increase the price to $1.00? Huh. First, this would reduce his sales, 95 cents being somewhat more appealing. Second – DUDE! Just leave the nickle in the change box if you don’t want to carry it around. And feel good at doing a good act for the folks that will be thrilled at finding it.

    • absent

      Maybe he’s saying that the machine frequently runs out of 5 cent coins for change and reverts to a “correct money only” state.

    • xalaskan

      Don’t you feel a bit insulted when there is a sign in the window of a new pickup truck that says, “ONLY $29,999.99” How stupid does this guy think I am that a penny is going to sway me. I’ll pay a dollar before I’ll run around looking for change!

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