Fortnight Plus Half – An Ireland Adventure

A couple of Canadians trek across the Atlantic for some Irish adventures.  Three weeks in Ireland distilled into a highlight reel for your enjoyment.

A Fortnight Plus Half – An Ireland Adventure. from Stephen Parker on Vimeo.

Thanks Janet


2 comments to Fortnight Plus Half – An Ireland Adventure

  • eyeball

    Wow…that was great! Hang on, I’ve got something in my eye…alright, I got misty-eyed. Happy now?

    Thanks for sharing that link, Jonco. It was great. 🙂

  • Anne

    Brought back so many memories of our fortnight plus half in Ireland three years ago. We went to almost all the same places! Did you see Kylemore Abbey? To me, it was one of the highlights. Would love to return to the Emerald Isle. Thanks for inviting me along on your adventure!

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