Dynamic target tracking camera system

High speed dynamic target tracking camera system keeps its eye on the ball.

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


3 comments to Dynamic target tracking camera system

  • xalaskan

    It’s here. The ‘never miss’ aiming device. It won’t do any good to duck.
    On the bright side, maybe they can stabilize some of the terrible photography people take with their cell phones.
    or, dynamic suspension systems that will compensate for a log in the road without even feeling it.
    or, automated landing systems for aircraft that keeps them exactly on track.
    or, sports cams that can follow the ball no matter what.
    or, ..somebody stop me!

  • Mathman54

    I bet it couldn’t follow the ball if a magician was holding it.

  • grumpy

    Goodbye behind the plate umpires.

    Makes the current graphics you see on TV look like DOS.

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