Bar Bella

bar belle

This is our own Bella who might have spent a little too long at the bar.



20 comments to Bar Bella

  • Tim

    Jonco – I would say Bella stayed too long at the bar only if that was not the hat she wore in to the bar.

  • Bella is ready to Par-tay!!!!!

  • infidel

    too funny ,reminds me of the nanu nanu sign

  • eyeball

    Bella – you look great! If I’m ever up your way, I’d love to buy you a drink. 🙂

  • Janet

    Bella just ignore these comments you go girl!!!

  • Miss Silver

    Happy Hour! Break out the midori!

  • that1chick

    Too long at the bar? I doubt it, not our Bella. Psst, Bella I have a similar hat, but mine says Miller Lite, I think it’s quite stylish!!

    • grumpy

      Nothing that says “Lite” is stylish. You dis Bella with that. She would rather have ice picks in her eyes then drink a “lite” *spit* beer.

  • tony m

    That’s gotta be an upvote right there…cheers Bella.

  • DJ

    This picture makes my heart soar! Survivor, baby!!
    Drink it like you stole it!!! Live it like you got a 2nd chance, girl, ’cause you did!! <3 !

    What a change for our favoUite Canuckian from about three years ago, eh??….


    • DJ

      Picture won’t show up. (Or did it??) Suffice it to say, 3 years ago our Miss Bella was involved in a nightmare of medical procedures, surgeries, and chemo, sometimes very far from home. Ever sitting at a bar again was just a distant hope. Keeping a meal down and seeing her next birthday were her immediate problems. But she had attitude!, and she did what she always said she’d do. One of my heroes always.

    • Bella

      I absolutely started bawling when I saw this. Thank You. Thank You! It reminds me of what I have been through and so many others. Thank You.

  • paulinboca

    One can never spend too much time at the bar. Looking good, girl!!!

  • grumpy

    I don’t see a beer anywhere.

    I think she just got to the bar at opening time and was trying to get the waiters attention. 🙂 🙂

    Rock on Bella. Put some Crowbar on and enjoy our short summer. Have a rush! Oh!

  • Bella

    W0W, I can really say that I loves you all. I don’t know where the hell Jonco got that picture from but I’m blaming DJ. 🙂 Life is a journey, we must go on.

    You guys Rock! 🙂

    Thank You.

    • DJ

      Wish I could take credit the blame, but sadly I can’t (this time). Somebody tagged you March 23rd and it showed up on your FB wall, and reappears now & again. Since you have a lot of B&Per fans over there, who knows?……..

    • revrick315

      You rock, Bella!

  • Lore

    Love this picture, Bella!! Looks like some good times!

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