Awkward Conversation

Awkward conversation

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  • Buckwheat

    There is a difference between “pushing” and “inviting”. Sexuality is being “pushed” on kids at a very young age through all sorts of media and culture. Religion has not really been “pushed” unless you are in a cult, or you are part of the Salem Witch trials. If it’s being pushed you cannot escape it very easily. If you are being invited, you can politely decline.

  • Ted

    Buckwheat, how many parents have you heard inviting their newborn to __ year old child to go church with them?

    • Buckwheat

      Big difference between parents teaching their children and a culture being shoved through movies, TV, school, etc. May we not forget that parents do have rights here. Also, considering the picture for this little joke, this is talking about adults being pushed some religion. Tolerance of others beliefs is certainly the next target.

  • Troglodyke

    If you don’t think religion is ever pushed on people, you must be living in a dream world. The ability to “politely decline” is not always possible.

    It doesn’t always look like door-to-door proselytizing, by the way. Often, it’s more subtle, and more insidious. In heavily religious areas of the country (read: Christian), it’s dangerous to decline it. You don’t have to look far to see many examples of persecution of the nonreligious by the religious. You do need to look past Fox News.

    • Buckwheat

      I think this idea of insidious is funny. Yet I have not lived in all areas of the country, so you may be right. Let me give you an idea of true insidious religion pushing. You join or we kill you. You change to another religion and we kill you. I know people in other countries who have fled due to this kind of pressure. In the US there is no such pressure. Since you are spouting that there are ways people are being oppressed by the religious in the free world give me an example of physical pushing of some kind. I can think of the opposite direction examples from just the past few weeks.

      • HJ

        You obviously have no idea what gay people go through in rural areas/red states, and it’s not limited to those places. In this morning’s news, I have “Pro-LGBT pilgrim church vandalized with hateful messages” (Maple Grove, MN) and “Penalties await gay couples trying to marry in Indiana” (“up to three years in prison for submitting the application to their county clerk — even if it’s denied”). That was just this morning.

      • Richard

        One word…Scientology.

  • that1chick

    I’ve got a few more words: Bible belt and southern Baptists. I’ve found by living in the south that the good “Christians” here are the ones who try and judge other people. Funny how they don’t recognize each other in the club, and I’m sure they all go to Sunday service with a hangover.

  • dabba

    The picture above is a nice little study in sociology and perceptions. Everyone has something to say about religion, but not a word about drugs. Makes me chuckle, just a little. : )

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