Pics from weekend ride across Missouri

locust creek bridge2

Here are some pictures from last weekend’s 748 mile trip from St. Louis to St. Joseph MO, to Chillicothe MO, to Fulton MO and back home.  We made stops at the Glore Psychiatric Museum, General John Pershing’s boyhood home and the Winston Churchill Memorial and Museum in Fulton MO.

locust creek bridge knothole rreflections of me churchill memorial mo clouds pershing home  chillicothe murals towels my shadow



12 comments to Pics from weekend ride across Missouri

  • Bella

    Love the bridge and actually all the pictures. It`s great when you and the Mrs. take us on a trip with you. Thank You!

  • Richard

    What’s the story behind the towels and the note?

    • Jonco

      We’ve seen them that ask you to use those (stained but laundered) towels to remove make-up and such before at hotels, but not to clean guns and autos. My wife just thought that was really funny. It doesn’t take much to amuse her…. she does live with me you know. 🙂

  • Jonco

    Dang, apparently I can’t make the images clickable to enlarge using the WordPress blogging software like I could with the old software.

  • dimndgal1

    My parents got married at the church behind the Churchill statue! I absolutely love the story about ‘The Kingdom of Callaway’.

  • DianaP

    Great pictures. Looks like you had a great trip.
    Have a great 4th!

  • Lore

    Awesome pictures, Jonco! Thanks for sharing. Looks like your legs stretched a bit from all the riding. 😉

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