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  1. I am not as strong as you think that I am,
    Nor am I as weak as I want to be at times.
    Tis a screwed up thing we expect from our
    Co-Existing satellites.
    When we mourn, we are applauded for being “strong”
    When what we really need and WANT to do,
    Is to holler and scream
    “F**K YOU! I Hurt!”
    On Monday, I have to take my best friend to the Vet and ask him to kill her, because she has kitty cancer and her tumor has ulcerated and gone septic..
    I swear that the next person that tries to console me by saying that she is just a pet? Or offers me a new-born whatever it is? You do not get it, so STFU, SRSLY.

  2. MaryLF – you have my condolences.

    On another topic:

    My family and I are in Denmark on vacation. Here in Copenhagen, I have noticed that bicyclists signal with their right hands. In the US, we signal with our left hands. My question is for those visiting or living in other countries where cars drive on the right side of the road:. Which hand does your bicyclists signal with? Thank you.

  3. MaryLF, I send my condolences as well. It hurts and it hurts like hell. I still grieve for my pet that I lost 2 years ago. I still miss her. I have a senior pet right now that is having issues like your cat. I’m scared but I’m trying to do the right thing by her. The day that I have to say goodbye to her will be the worst day of my life. Just to let you know, that I understand. Sending you a big Hug. They are with us such a short time but give us so much love.

    My Sassie is the Prettiest Princess in the Palace and so much more than a pet.

  4. Okay, I have a serious question. I have wonder about this a long time and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Most pet lover will say they love their pets as their own child and I’m okay with that, but why does the law of the land allow us to treat our pets better than our humans love ones? WE have many laws protecting our pets as they were humans, but when your pets get sick or so old that they are suffering the owners can take them to the Vet and ask him to kill it. When a human love one is the same we can put them in a Home and they might lay there 5,10,15,20 years as a vegetable. I believe it’s all about the money that this is allowed.

  5. Ted, I am all there with you. I actually work in an End of Life Retirement Home. I know that when they have to put my burger in a blender and feed it too me with a spoon, I want the Right to be done without my Loved Ones having to make the choice. Granted I’m not rich enough to ever BE in a Retirement Home. I wish like HELL that I could see these peoples families love them like we love our pets, instead of parking them and wandering off because it’s too painful for THEM. Here is the thing… it’s maybe a lot about the money? But here is the kicker. We have, as a Generation, done something wrong. We have allowed our History to be so sanitized that we no longer have the innate Respect for our Elders that they deserve. Who wants to hear Grandpa talk about an ugly War or Racism? It’s not PC so we pretend that it did not happen. We used to LISTEN to them and learn from them.
    Now we extend their lives past the QUALITY of Life, and often times in spite of their wishes, and we leave them with “strangers” that become closer to them at the end than their own blood. This is about PEOPLE, and not Law. We need to find a way to fix US.

  6. My condolences as well, Mary. As Ted said, we treat our pets better than we treat our human family. You’re doing the most loving thing and saving her from terrible pain. The loss of a beloved friend is so painful, I hope you do tell the next person who tries to minimize your loss to STFU!


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