Rep. Duckworth Deplores Witness for Claiming Veterans Disability

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  • DJ

    “An Iraq War veteran, Duckworth served as a U.S. Army helicopter pilot and suffered severe combat wounds, losing both of her legs and damaging her right arm. She was the first female double amputee from the war. She continues to serve as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Illinois Army National Guard along with her husband, Major Bryan W. Bowlsbey, a signal officer and fellow Iraq War veteran.”

  • Jake

    Doesn’t everyone from the foot injury to the amputee deserve consideration and thanks for their duty? Shouldn’t the people who issue a disability rating get their asses in gear and serve their service personnel properly? Why would the foot guy get any more attention than the amputee or someone who’s scars are mental and not physical.

    • ray

      I think the issue here (actually there are a few) is that this Castillo guy is claiming a foot injury that he received in military prep school for his “military” disability claim. So, the fact that the injury in question was not something that resulted from active duty, much less real battle, is the reason his claim is being called out.

      This is why there may be a question of fraud as Castillo has used his injury for special status as a “service-disabled veteran-owned small business.”

      I think it’s rather laughable that Castillo says his foot injury was “due to my service to this great country, and I would do it again to protect this great country.” Not sure how a football game in military prep school qualifies as protecting the country.

      • Bill the Painter

        My favorite comment on the Youtube video: “He actually might be able to reapply for disability now that she tore him a new asshole.”

        He’s an opportunistic asshole.

        I just may be in love with Rep. Duckworth!

        • crispy

          That made me laugh, Bill. Hilarious.

          I really feel Rep. Duckworth’s pain on this. You can really hear in her voice how she feels and I don’t blame her one bit for coming down hard on this guy.

          I agree that the problem is not so much the degree of injury, but the fact that he’s claiming a “veteran disability” for twisting his foot in prep school. As I understand it: he didn’t receive the injury playing football. Rather, after his alleged “injury” he went ON to play football in university.

          I think, though, that they should look into whomever gave him a 30% disability for a foot injury. A couple years ago, I was reading an article by a soldier who LOST his foot and they decided it was only a 20% disability. This woman lost her arm and admitted that, though reattached, she might not get to keep it, and they only gave her 20%.

      • Jake

        Ray thanks for explaining. I think there may be some “informal contact” going on between the foot guy and his accessor.

  • ChrisInAtlanta

    I work at a VA medical center. I see a hundred seriously injured former soldiers every day – and I’m not on the clinical side. And I have employees that are 70%, even 80% service disabled. Who work normal jobs without seeming disability. Huh. Note that these folks get money every month for these disabilities, some get tens of thousands every year. Last year we (one hospital) spent millions of dollars that had to go to service disabled veteran owned businesses. In one case, as an example, we payed an SDVOB $164,000 to do a job that a normal business – who we know and trust – had quoted us exactly $82,000 to do. Now, they did a good job mind you. But I now understand why a toilet seat can cost $600. These folks SHOULD receive preference from us. But note that the U.S. budget includes maybe half a trillion dollars for us to do so.

    • crispy

      I just wanted to say I appreciate you sharing your experience. Hearing a first-hand experience like yours is very important. I think this is something people should definitely reconsider.

    • revrick315

      Chris, are you at ATL VAMC? My office is at TVHS.

      • ChrisInAtlanta

        No, Huntington WV. Though the Atlanta VAMC was my primary physician for some years. An outstanding group of folks there, as here. Most folks do not realize that veterans – nearly all, but not all – are entitled to free, state-of-the-art medical care. Some – POW’s, purple hearts, former POW’s, and the like – get free dental, optical, and top-end hearing care (including top-end hearing aids). The rest of we veterans pay a minimal co-pay for prescriptions plus get free medical care. I got a recent colonoscopy at my VAMC for free. Zero cost. Top notch care.

        In some years’ past the VA had a reputation for second rate care. No longer. We are a small medical center here (hospital), but have an MRI, two CT scanners, a PET scanners, cardiac cath lab, a 24/7 emergency room (not trauma), a helicopter pad, etc. And our docs are GOOD. We take very good care of our veterans. Including those whose injuries are not visible.

        • revrick315

          Ok. I’m on the OIT side of the house. At TVHS, we’re affiliated with Vanderbilt Hospital and Meharry University. We’re a multi-campus site with over 3000 employees. We have a Vet Center in Chattanooga as well as 5 outpatient clinics and 7-8 CBOCs. We have the full span of medical care including trauma, transplants, mental health, homeless and homebased care, and a nursing home. We’re getting a Fisher House this year for the families to be closer while the vet is undergoing treatment. I’m very impressed with the VA here. I know there are problems with the system. There’s a backlog of claims and things are constantly changing. However, walking down the hallways, you can always see the commitment to the Vet. Thank you for your service.

  • Duckworth for president!

  • Elagie

    We need more politicians like her.

  • Woohoo

    Ms Ducksworth should direct her anger to how the law was written. Castillo is allowed to claim disability because the law allows him to. That is where the injustice lies. We all know that law makers are not the brightest of the population, the law makers failed to write a robust law. Let’s look at the bigger picture here and what needs to be fixed. Ms Ducksworth need to berate the idiots that wrote that law.

    Bill the Painter – I can’t imagine being in love with that woman, if you got married that would be considered a disability in my book.

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