Police Dog Says Goodbye to his Fallen Partner


In the heartbreaking scene, a police dog in a Kentucky K9 unit pays his final respects to his fallen comrade. Officer Jason Ellis was tragically killed during an ambush on Saturday. During his funeral, all of his fellow officers, families and friends showed up to say goodbye to the kind-hearted officer. The most noticeable mourner, however, was Figo. Figo was his canine partner who was obviously overcome with grief. Dogs know when their close friends die, and the sadness on his face is says it all.


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13 thoughts on “Police Dog Says Goodbye to his Fallen Partner

    • Hello Ken,
      I couldn’t resist to reply.. My name is Barbara (aka Basia) I rescue and train service dogs of all sorts, but mostly shepherds. I wanted to say that whoever it was that did not like the article about K-9 Fido saying last good-bye to his fellow partner, slain officer Ellis, whoever it was, he/she must be a scum of the earth & didn’t deserve a minute of your time nor mine, but you need to know that all the K-9 people & dogs sheared more than one tear… My best regards, stay well & be safe! – Barbara (friends call me Basia)




  1. That image is so moving, you can see how much the dog misses his partner. Figo, take your comfort in your retirement and give your love to the family of your fallen partner…


  2. So heartbreaking for all of them. Soldier and their K9’s experience this too when one pays the ultimate price.


  3. This response was one that wasn’t taught, or practiced. He knows his partner is gone! So glad he will continue to live with his family!


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