Chased by a storm… and peanut butter fried pickles

Chased by a storm

We spent the morning touring the Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph MO.  There is also a Black Archives Museum and a St. Joseph Museum at the same place.  We Pb fried picklesspent three and a half hours going through them.  Then we spent an hour driving up and down the Beltway in St. Joe looking for Boogaloos BBQ but never found it.  We could smell it in the air but after three trips up and down the road we opted for the Tap Room Bar and Grill.  We ordered fried pickles.  I was telling my friends about my discovery of peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.  We asked for and received a cup of peanut butter and proceeded to try peanut butter on fried pickles.  Then we added a new dimension by dipping the creation in ranch dipping sauce.  It was quite the combination of conflicting flavors.  After lunch we headed east on highway 36 towards Chillicothe MO sometimes trying to outrun the rain and sometimes just missing it.  We did hit a couple of light showers but we missed some pretty good brief downpours.  We’re spending the night in Chillicothe.  Sunday we’re off to the Locust Covered Bridge in Pershing State Park and then over to Hannibal MO before heading home.  Click to enlarge.

Mo 36-2 Mo 36-1 Mo 36-3


10 comments to Chased by a storm… and peanut butter fried pickles

  • llstan

    Otto Frederick Rohwedder, the man who invented the bread-slicing machine that gave the world packaged, sliced bread in the 1920s. He sold his first slicing machine to the Chillicothe Baking Co. in 1928.

    • Jonco

      Hence the mural on the side of a downtown building that states “Home of sliced bread”.

      • llstan

        You saw that huh? Too bad that there wasn’t a downtown building with Boogaloos painted on the side:)

        • Jonco

          Truth be told, I didn’t see it until it was pointed out to me after we stopped for dinner. Then we went back past it on the way back to our hotel. I spend much of my commuting time zoned out and/or listening to music or trying to find a good station.

  • Peanut butter and fried pickles. Nope, no alcohol involved here…..

    • Jonco

      Actually there was no alcohol involved. We don’t usually drink when we’re on the motorcycle. We did have a few drinks after we checked into our hotel Friday night…. within walking distance.

  • hcmom

    Dammit, I was hoping for pictures of Jonco being chased by fried pickles and peanut butter…

  • Jonco

    After a change of plans – we detoured to Fulton MO instead of Hannibal MO to visit the Winston Churchill Memorial at Westminster University, we made it home about 6 pm. We hit rain about 35 minutes from home. It didn’t last too long but was enough that we had to stop and put raingear on. I’ll try to post a little more about the trip on Monday.

  • Lore

    Someone told me about deep fried pickles wrapped in bacon. I think I gotta try those one of these days, and maybe I’ll dip ’em in peanut butter…

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