Life is crazy these days

I know plenty of good people that have gotten in trouble, and I also know plenty of bad people but they don’t have a record.

Crazy world

Thanks Tommy Salami


10 comments to Life is crazy these days

  • Emily

    How awful is it that this man saved four lives, and maybe even some in the future and all the media does is try to stir the pot by bringing up his past? Domestic violence is not okay, but obviously he is a better person than he used to be because he could have just walked away. Most abusive or violent people would have. This man deserves thanks, not judgment.

    • tweety

      Amen, Emily! Regardless of the mistakes he made in his past, he did the right thing now.

  • DJ

    While drunk (again), and cheating on his wife (again),
    drove into a pond and left a young woman to drown as the car filled with water.

    Ted Kennedy

    Kept getting reelected to Congress for 40 more years.

  • Jen

    As someone who has deployed to Iraq and is currently in Afghanistan, I could give a flying fig about whether or not someone cheats on their wife or sends pics of their junk to women. You forgot the picture of the politician who is responsible fr starting an unnecessary war and killing several thousand of my comrades in arms, ruining the economy, and completely squandering any goodwill of those who felt sympathy for us after 9-11.

    • duuude

      That’s right. That A-hole got re-elected and ruined the economy a little more on his second term. It took another guy two terms to finally fix the mess he made.

  • YAY JEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • G

    Life IS crazy these days but these 5 comments prove there’s Hope.

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