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Shameless plugFrom time to time we open up the B&P Shameless Plug Line, where you can plug your own website. 

Tell us about your site in a couple of lines and give us a link. 

 Limit to 2 links please for those with multiple sites and no XXX stuff.  Other rules and disclaimers here.


I’ll start with a plug for for a new website that belongs to one of our B&P readers.  Sleepygirl2 has a new website about books and reading.  It has some pretty cool images and reviews.  So if you like to read head on over to Bound4Escape and check it out.

What’s your shameless plug?



43 thoughts on “Shameless Plug Sunday

  1. Cruise Cardinal is a video cruise review website; there’s several short videos (3 minutes long) highlighting events and characteristics of many different cruises.

    Oh, and it’s all hosted by a feisty BIRD.

    Thanks, Jonco! You da MAN!

  2. I’m sure you’re all sick of my music by now, but I am a relentless and unfeeling torturer 🙂
    So, for audio only, here is my Soundcloud Channel…
    And if you really need to see my jowls wobbling, here are is my Youtube Channel
    The more astute and detective-like of you will be able to figure out the address of my (sporadically updated)blog after watching a video or two. 😀

    • I enjoy all your stuff, but my #1 personal favorite on your Soundcloud is “Valentines Heart”,
      and, as you well know, my fav on your YouTube channel is “If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day”.

      I’ve enjoyed seeing & hearing you as you’ve learned new instruments, and added and experimented with new recording equipment and techniques over the past few years. I always look forward to more.

    • Maffu – I only had time to listen to 2 tracks on your “cloud”…but hey, I’m on vacation this coming week, so I’m sure I’ll get to the others. So far, I really liked what I heard! Good job!

      Almost making me retaliate with a link to my own Soundcloud page (with recordings I made 20 some-odd years ago, on a PortaStudio tape machine). You don’t want me to do that, do you…? Think about it! I can’t sing at all!


    • Maffu – I’m listening to your tracks now. My jaw is officially dropped. Amazing tracks here – I especially like “The Message”. MUCH BETTER than the original!!! The “grittiness” (you blame the whiskey) of your voice makes that track! Tremendous “feel” on the whole track.
      I see that you’re using Reaper as your DAW. I’ve got Acid Pro7, but for some reason, I can’t remember how to get the damned thing to actually work (still partial to working with magnetic tape, y’know)!
      As soon as I figure out how to leave comments on Soundcloud, I’ll go back and do just that! I’m listening to “Saddle Up My Pony” now, and I’ve got a huge smile on my face! You’ve got awesome talents – thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

      • Thanks Dave. Glad you enjoyed them.
        I used to use Acid Music Studio 6.0 exclusively, but now if I do use it it’s just to see if an idea will work or to sequence guide tracks to play along with in Reaper(drums or bass) which are removed once I’ve laid down a foundation and then replayed live. I also used to Reason to sequence some drum tracks but now I find myself using them both less and less in favour of laying down live (or virtual MIDI) stuff in Reaper.
        Reaper is an amazing bit of kit especially as the paid version is around a tenth of the price of Pro Tools, but has pretty much all of its features.
        I can’t stress the importance of a good mic setup enough either – and it doesn’t need to cost the earth. I use a couple of these MXL 990s, which are amazing for the price, but recently I’ve heard some absolutely stunning direct recordings (i.e. without a DAW or interface) from one of these, the Zoom H2n, which I think is going to be my next purchase as for me the setup pre-recording detracts from the creative process and with those zoom jobs it’s just place it, switch it on and have away at it.
        Anyway, I appear to have ranted. Thank you for listening and for coming back to leave such lovely feedback.

  3. Me and some friends of mine write for a retro video gaming website called “Retro Game Network”. It covers current news and reviews, as well as vintage material for anything related to the video game consoles and computer systems going as far back as the early 1970s, and as current as about 10 years ago. Did you ever play Atari? The original Nintendo? Sega Genesis? TurboGrafx 16? Dreamcast? How about oddities like Channel F? Odyssey? ColecoVision? Intellivision? It’s all there!

  4. I’m helping a friend promote his Elvis Tribute work and I made up a page to use in his advertising. He has been doing the work since the mid 80’s and does a very good job. Right now he is trying to fulfill a dream to give free concerts to veterans homes in surrounding states with hopes to cover cover 47 states before he trades in his Elvis belt for a halo. Thanks for letting me give him a shameless plug! Find his page on Facebook and come over and give him a LIKE and an atta boy too! I visit your page almost daily to find fun stuff to make my day seem brighter!

  5. Hey Jonco, Thanks for allowing us to plug our own websites – <a href="" title="Bigredkev" – for all the stuff you're not supposed to find on the internet !!!!

  6. There’s a new mug in town- “Deadly Grounds Coffee”!
    Let’s face it, life is too short for bad coffee.
    Deadly grounds coffee is different. Our gourmet coffee beans are carefully selected and harvested by seasoned growers from around the world, and roasted in New England by skilled master roasters.
    Each of our signature blends are roasted in a unique way that allows the true flavor of the coffee bean to come through. (All without the bitter aftertaste or harsh burnt flavor that unfortunately passes for gourmet coffee these days.)
    It’s coffee the way it was meant to be. Fresh, aromatic, delicious… it’s coffee to die for.

    Check out the videos under the media tab, the one at the very bottom stars yours truly driving the Official Deadly Grounds hearse, the only hearse that can grind and brew coffee at 55 mph!

  7. Hands up who visited more than 3 of these.

    Maffu’s doesn’t count. Blues on Maffu. One critic: more jowls please.

  8. I did a website for the fine folks at .. they have fabulously delicious food and even better entertainment .. Check out their entertainment schedule to see the bands they have on tap. This weekend was the inaugural event for Sinatra Sunday (something a little different from the Friday night Rock & Roll )

    • Hey Cuidado – I like your site – there are some great shots on there.
      Favourite are Field of View #14 – a great wallpaper-style shot
      Field of View #9 – absolutely gorgeous.
      Spring Bouquet – a fantastically crisp shot with lovely contrasting textures and colours.
      It looks like you like an a beautiful place.

  9. Alright…
    I’ve only got 1 web page that I can say is “my fault”, and that’s on Soundcloud. It’s the page I set up to thrust my old recordings (and maybe, eventually, new recordings) on an unsuspecting public. It could spell the death of the internet, as we know and love it, today.
    These were made on a PortaStudio (multi-track cassette tape medium!), by myself, in my bedroom.
    I basically taught myself how to play guitar (rhythm guitar – no “flash”), and although I will always say that I can’t sing, I was the only person around to put the vocals on these tapes).
    Fortunately, with the beginning onset of arthritis in my thumbs, it’s starting to become a bit difficult playing guitar these days, but I still have lots of these tapes to edit and clean-up (eventually, more will find there way to the Soundcloud). Little liner notes for each track (to give you a little history and perhaps a distraction from what the noise is doing to your ears).
    Feel free to give it a listen, but please heed this warning: I really can’t sing!
    Let me know what you think. Comments (good or bad) are more than welcome.

    • Nice one Dave – they are obviously old recordings, but you’ve taken the time to craft songs and put commit them to tape and that’s something that not many can or will do. As for the vocals, blame them on youthful lack of confidence – they’re not that bad. Every singer I know – me included – hates the sound of their own voice. We’re automatically hyper-critical as, firstly, recordings never sound the way our voice sounds in our own heads and, secondly, having been the person who sang it, you know exactly where to listen for bum notes or bits where you ran out of breath, and therefore that’s all you listen to.
      There are some really good ideas there and if your thumbs will permit it would be worth re-interpreting them and re-recording. Failing that, if you are still able to extract separate tracks from your old tapes then get each one into Reaper/Pro Tools/Ableton/Whatever and remix!
      Personal favourite… Midnight Sun is excellent.

      • Well, good sir, complements from someone of your talent is high praise, indeed. Much appreciated. I agree with you about having lack of confidence (especially when doing vocals), but I have found (thru…uh, “experimentation”?) that certain things will lower those inhibitions (as it usually does with just about anything) when it’s time to move up to the mic. It has been suggested by others too that I should “re-interpret” some of the recordings, and that is an idea that’s been festering in my head for some time. I’m glad you liked “Midnight Sun”, even though that didn’t come out quite as I heard it in my head when I was writing it; perhaps that will be one that might be on the short list. When I wrote it, I could imagine there’d be little lead guitar licks in there, too. By the time I moved the recording over to my computer to finish it, I wasn’t in the mood to do much more guitar work on it. :/

    • Nice to finally see you. (But who’s that kid with all the dark hair? lol). I admire anyone who can make music come out of any instrument (I haven’t tried to do that since making way scary noises with alto & tenor saxes, clarinet, bass violin, and accordian(??!!) in high school). And I would NEVER attempt to sing ever…I only karaoke the national anthem at ballgames, but in my heart I’m rockin it. Congratulations on posting them, I commend your bravery. (I kinda liked “Always(永远)” btw)

      • Ha DJ! Yeah, I thought it’d be nice to put in pics of what I looked like, at the time I made each of the recordings – my physical “evolution” and my musical “evolution” kinda thing. I miss that guy with all that hair. 🙁
        It’s a shame you didn’t keep up with any form of making music. You never know what you’d be able to do now, if you did.
        I can picture you, politely reciting the national anthem, with the little thought bubbles over your head, with an image of you screaming into a microphone to the cheering crowds. haha keep that image alive, man!
        Thanks for liking “Always”…(I’m sure you read the little comment about it). It’s a simple song with a special place in my heart…written for the love of my life, where ever she may be now.

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