B&P Turns 11

Bp 11th birthdayIt was eleven years ago yesterday that the very first post  appeared on Bits & Pieces.  It’s been a wild ride at times.  I’ve posted some interesting, weird and funny things along the way… many of which you’ve contributed.  Thank you.!

I’ve met a lot of interesting people, both online and in person.  I’ve heeded your advice on places to eat and things to see while on road trips.  I’ve shared in life’s blessings and sorrows with many of you.  I’ve shared links with fellow bloggers and we’ve discussed different things both online and in person about running a website.  Thank you! 

Sure it’s had its trials and tribulations but it’s also had its peaks too.  It’s just like life, full of highs and lows and continually moving on.  I don’t know what the future will bring, but I can tell you that it’s still fun to do so I think I’ll continue doing it for a while.  Thanks to you.

Thanks to all of you who visit –  whether you stop by every once in a while or whether you’re here several times a day.  Thanks especially to those who take time to comment.  For without you this site would not exist.   Thank you.


29 comments to B&P Turns 11

  • Qoumidan

    I like this site! Your motto makes me happy.

  • Ted

    Eleven years?? I guess I was a little Intoxicated the day I stumble upon this POS site about ten years ago and started reading it. You would thank after eleven years you would improve it just a little bit. I guess that could be justified by changing the name of the site to Bits of Insanity. You know like doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    • Ted

      Jonco, you and your Fan Club is a bunch of party poopers. At least someone could have pretended to have fell for these poor excuse of a April Fools’ joke.
      Happy birthday!

      • Bella

        I was gonna wring your neck but just thought that your little boy panties must be too tight. 😉

  • Janet

    Happy birthday B&P and here’s to many more years to come.

  • Nate

    You forgot to mention that you were retiring the blog. That one always fools me!

  • Sleepygirl2

    Happy Birthday, B&P! I’m looking forward to the next 11 years!

  • Cheers jonco, and happy birthday B&P!

  • Pam

    Happy birthday Jonco. I visit every day….

  • Woohoo! Happy Birthday Bits and Pieces!!! And thank you for provided the comedic relief we all need to get through this crazy thing we call life!

  • J-Bird

    Congratulations on making B&P one of the best looking, well versed sites on the Interwebs. I hope you can continue to put up with all of us for many years to come! 🙂

  • Mary

    Love your site and all you post! Gratefully stumbled upon it many years ago. Keep posting the great stuff as always, and I’ll be sure to keep reading! Thanks, Jonco, for bringing this to us.

  • DJ

    Happy B&Pirthday! I guess I’ve only been here about half of your existence. I probably spent too much time here. Well, I used to, until you B&People talked me into getting on Facebook.

  • Bella

    Happy Birthday Bits & Pieces and Thank You Jonco for all you do for us. <3 this site. 🙂

  • that1chick

    Wow, 11 years!! I can’t remember how I found this place, but I’m glad I did. I know I lurked here for quite some time before I had the courage to join in the insanity, but then I figured out that ya’ll were as nuts as I am, so I joined in. I’m glad I did. I come here every day, I don’t comment every day, but I’m here. Here’s to at LEAST 11 more. Hopefully I’ll make it to a gathering one year, so I can drink a beer with ya’ll.
    Happy Birthday B&P!! And many more!

  • Happy Birthday B&P!

    I don’t remember when exactly, but I found the site through Syndicated Talk Show Host Neal Boortz posted a link to one of your posts. Looked around a little and have been hooked ever since!

    Thanks Jonco!

  • A&L

    Happy Birthday and Thanks Jonco,

  • oldbear

    ya done good,,,we love this bar,,, CONGRATS BUDDY,,!

  • hcmom

    Congrats and thanks, Jonco!

  • revrick315

    I don’t remember how I found your website, but I’m glad I did. Now…I do know how I found you in Nashville…

  • Congratulations, Jonco! You’re one of my first stops each and every day. Thanks for being there!

  • Jonco

    Thanks for all the kind words.

  • grumpy

    I’m gonna stick with, it’s all been a dream, never happened, and I just woke up in the shower this morning and I AM NOT TEN YEARS OLDER.

  • Tim

    Long time commenter first time reader here…

    Congratulations and happy birthday B&P!! In 10 years I will buy you a drink.

  • Barbwire

    Happy Birthday! Hope I’m still around to wish you a happy 22nd birthday.

  • bitscared

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for creating this community, family even. xxoo

  • dabba

    Happy Birthday B&P! I’m been visiting for 9 or 10 years now and are glad to say that you are my internet silver lining. Love the site, love the people, love the interactions. And, of course, Trixie and Gus! <3

  • Miss Silver

    Happy birthday, B&P!!!

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