12 thoughts on “What’s in your computer?

    • Yep. Since a mac is impossible to open without the specified tools that mac technicians have, you have to pay someone else to open your mac and clean out the dust and bugs that build up inside it.

      I think i’ll stick with my half the price, double the power PC. (Asus mobo, i5 core, nvidia video card, about 2.5 TB of data, runs Crysis 2 at max settings nearly 100fps… LESS than a thousand dollars, total… Oh, and it’s never crashed and nothing’s ever broken – except once because my wife vaccuumed it and static electricity damaged the mobo, which can happen to ANY computer.) t(*_*t)

  1. This stuff is REAL! Ants infested my macbook and zapped the motherboard in Thailand, then again and took out my keyboard in the Philippines! (really tiny ones that I couldn’t see, but I could feel them crawling on my hands! (REALLY!! there are microscopic ants here!) They made a nest and put some kind of goo on the circuits. …so, after scrounging for parts, I have a white macbook, black keyboard, black battery, and I keep my little computer nook dusted with boric acid powder. Mice ate the wiring in my epson t-10 printer beyond repair!….. then.. my cat chewed through two mouse wires and one headset cable! ,,,sheeeesh!

    LOL @ Rikk

    • I was always a little envious of things you said about where you live, but I’m having second thoughts now. 🙂

    • I wonder what truly put the “goo on the circuits”?

      And, mice on circuit boards not only smell great, but they make super heat sinks as well!

    • The iMac is my fantasy machine! I have a friend with one, but our power is true garbage. they make it up on the volcano from steam, and it is a ‘one wire’ 220 volt system that fluxes from 100 to 350 volts. he’s got more money wrapped up in voltage stabilizers than his computers cost!
      I’d use a deep-cycle boat battery with a 12 volt charger and an inverter. — cheaper, smoother, and dedicated.

      • As far as smart phones go, there isn’t a whole lot of difference from android to iOS – iPhones are a bit more expensive, but mostly it’s preference of which OS you want.

        (Disclaimer, I personally own both an iMac and a PC, so don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about) For computers… the only thing Macs have over PCs are they’re idiot proof. A PC, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can fuck up the system pretty badly. A Mac, since it’s all one component and you can’t do anything to it, it’s impossible to damage the hardware. Combine that with an OS that pretty much can’t be customized in the slightest, and you’ve got an idiot-proof computer.

        The ONLY reasons for macs costing two or three times as much as an equivalent PC are 1: The brand name (designer items are always absurdly overpriced) and 2: An idiot-proof design.

        So if you’re an idiot with money to burn, get a mac. If you don’t have money to burn, but you’re still an idiot, get a Laptop PC, so you at least can’t damage the hardware (much) and never ever mess with file systems unless you are strictly following a tutorial.

        However, if you are NOT an idiot, get a PC. If you’re genuinely intelligent, go one step better and build your own PC. You’ll get twice as much power for the same cost as buying a pre-built PC, and you’ll spend less than half what you would for an equivalent Mac. To get a mac with as much power as this PC I’ve got now, I’d have to spend over two thousand dollars – this PC cost me less than one thousand.

  2. I used to have my own PC repair shop, and I swear I would see things like this all the time. I once found a sandwich in a tower…. a MudaFN sandwich!!! WTF?.. and no one knew how it got there… LOL


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