Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open mic

Forecast mar 021Weather:  We’ve had a little snow this week but not near as much as our friends on the other side of Missouri have.  We have a little more predicted for Monday and Tuesday but temps will be warming so whatever we get won’t last long.

Jury Duty:  I’ve been called for jury duty on Wednesday of next week.  I’ve never served on a jury before but I think it would be interesting.  I was called once before but didn’t have to go as the jury pool was canceled the night before.  I have to call Tuesday evening to make sure I’m still needed Wednesday morning.  I’ll try to have things pre-posted just in case.

Website Woes:  Almost exactly one month from the last time one of my sites got knocked out from spam traffic it is knocked out again.  We are working on the problem.  The last time it took a few days to get things ironed out.  Hopefully we’ll get it back up soon.

That’s what happening around here.  What’s going on in your world?


14 comments to Weekend Open Mic

  • xalaskan

    ..not sure, but it seems all of the site problems started when you got back from the blogger convention in Vegas. Could someone have gotten too much info, and didn’t leave it in vegas? I’m not usually a conspiracy kinda guy, but It started after your exposure to all those net wizards. hahaha.. the plot thickens, the game is afoot!

    • Jonco

      I’m positive that’s not it. The only thing I left there was my business card with my website addresses. Nothing else. Well, nothing else I’m allowed to talk about. 🙂

  • Jon-
    Here’s a tip to get you positively, absolutely, excused from jury duty:
    When your name is called on the jury roster, walk up to the judge and simly say you are a self-employed business owner and cannot be away from your business. You will be summarily discharged.

  • Steve

    When they call you, just sit there and stare at the floor. Add a little drool drip from the corner of your mouth if you think they are not convinced.

    • Ted

      Or you could just sit and give the judge your best Full Metal Jacket stare.


  • paulinboca

    Quote from Jonco:
    “I’ve never served on a jury before but I think it would be interesting.”
    That does not sound like someone soliciting help on how to avoid their civic duty to me.

  • Jury Duty tends to be dull and time consuming, but I would do it again even though I have yet to be chosen to serve. It was exciting and and frightening at the same time, being interviewed by both the defense attorney and the DA on a pedophile case with the defendant in the room. It is a lot like the uphill portion of a roller-coaster you’ve never ridden before. If you get cold feet you can’t get off once things have started moving.

    I prefer to stay home and read #93 in the “The Story of Beer” as placed in Colliers magazine in 1954. Funny stuff.

    If you tried to solve the puzzle last week (as one of you successfully did), I have posted the solution, you have to dig around the previous/recent posts to see it.

  • bob miclette

    If you’ve never served on a jury before, you owe it to yourself, (and you peers) to do your civic duty. Just hope you get a trial that has some interest to it. It will also give you a perspective that many don’t ever achieve by not serving. That is obvious by some of the childish remarks here about how to avoid it. I have served numerous times in that past, and learned a lot from the experiences.

    • Jonco

      I think it might be interesting to do. I do worry a little about being disappointed in the judicial system though when all is said and done. Hopefully not.

  • sean

    I have been practicing law for almost 25 years and I have to say that I learned more about juries on the two occasions in the last three years than I did in the preceding 20. As an observer of the human condition I think you will enjoy the experience. Please update us when you get finished.

  • Richard

    It is surprising how many thin skinned folks wander in here from time to time…I hope you know who you are.

  • Mary

    I was called to serve last fall. I was excited to serve beyond talking back to the legal eagle pundits and drama tv shows. We were corraled in a big square room and took the oath. Then it was 3 hours of waiting and waiting to be called. Interesting people watching though, and there was a tv to watch. Then the judge came in and said “Thanks for your time and doing your civic duty when called, but unfortunately, both sides are not ready for trial today. Thank you and you may go. Today counts as your service.”
    Darn it.

  • infidel

    when I got called for jury duty I made it to the jury box where they weed out the ones they dont want then the guy asked me if I believed in the death penatly and I told him yes and I was not chosen after that

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