Useful iPad Stand

Useful iPad stand

Thanks Mike (from Spain)



3 comments to Useful iPad Stand

  • Will

    Nice. What do you call it? The iPooed?

  • xalaskan

    You can tell the inventor is an idiot because the roll is backwards.
    Has anybody done research on ‘fecal matter found on touch screens’?
    Maybe there is a business opportunity here! “Touch Screen Disinfectant”
    Do people in the middle east use only their right hand on their Pads? …We know what they do with their left!

    • xalaskan

      D’Ohhh.. Sorry everybody! I thought this was a toilet accessory, but now I see it is just a handy coffee table stand with a convenient note dispenser. Good Idea!
      (It needs a mini-printer for saving url’s and recipes etc… and a ball-pen on a string.)

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