Elevator Murder Experiment

Thanks Andrew R


9 comments to Elevator Murder Experiment

  • required

    So, kick the strangler in the head and get charged with battery?

  • DJ

    I always wonder what I would do in different life-or-death situations. I know what I’d like to think I would do, and a lot depends on the circumstances at the time, but generally, I don’t think we can ever REALLY know until it happens for real.

  • Ron Larson

    Nice to see some did something, and got in there. And not the ones you think either.

  • hcmom

    Odds of the “on-lookers” being staged also are pretty extremely great, if you think about it.

  • AlaskaME

    Those actors are pretty brave or naive….they could have been shot

  • William

    Try this in Texas and someone is going to get shot fast!

  • Patricia

    it does make you wonder especially after an entire busload of Canadians just sat and watched some poor kid get stabbed to death and decapitated on a bus

  • Nice2Cu

    The most clever was the fire extinguisher! Loved that one. I’d like to think I’d do something, but in reality, we never know till we are in the situation.

  • Howie

    Must’ve been done in Chicago, where they’ve disarmed everyone except the real murderers and the jack booted thug cops.

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