A Spambot In Action

This guy walks into his apartment building and hears a noise.  He turns the corner and sees this…

Thanks Jacques M


3 comments to A Spambot In Action

  • J-Bird

    Was this the third of the month? If so, it was Social Security check day.

  • Bella

    Y’er shitting me? The more we progress ( ? ) in this technical world, the more dangerous it is. Look at that shit. Shit is gonna crash hard for some folks if they keep revolving their life around their phones, i-pads, computers, you know what I mean?

    Remember when Grandma and Mum used to bake bread from scratch? I can still remember that smell. 🙂

  • OneTinSoldier

    Looks like Singapore, they are amazing to watch sometimes. This lady seems like a newbie, maybe in training? They are usually much faster than this.

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