Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open mic

Life is never boring here at B&P headquarters.  Last week’s spam attack and this week’s malware hack leave me wondering why I do this sometimes.  I think I found the problem code and removed it.  Hopefully that’s the end of it, but I’m not convinced it is.  But at least is seems that we’re no longer blacklisted by Google and other browsers.  This all came at a bad time for me (not that there’s ever a good time for chaos) and I was thinking I wasn’t going to have a lot of time to work on it until after the weekend.  Fortunately I found the hack-code pretty quick and removed it. Google Webmaster Tools reports no issues with the site.   Keep your fingers crossed!

Note:  I’m still having troubles with WordPress and editing of posts. I’m also unable to make posts stick to the top of the page (or unstick them) for now.  I don’t think this is related to the malware issue but something completely different.  Stay tuned. 

Trivia:  I’ve been creating a trivia program for a trivia night tonight.  It’s been quite hectic the last few days here, but I pretty much got it done late Friday night.  I’ll be gone most of the afternoon and evening setting up for the event.

Super Bowl Sunday:  I’m off to a big Super Bowl party on Sunday.  It’ll be my day to relax and chill and enjoy the commercials.. errr… I mean the big game.  I really don’t care who wins since I don’t have a dog in the fire except for a $5 bet with a friend.

Roofing:  Monday morning I’m supposed to have a crew replace the roof on my house.  I’m a little concerned how Gus and Trixie will handle that commotion…. much less how distracting it will be for me. 

Cable Internet:  So far things are running quite well with my news cable phone and internet service.  I’m officially off of AT&T as of Wednesday. 

That’s about all there is to report from here … until the next crisis.  What’s going on in your world?



19 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic

  1. As far as Gus and Trixie and the roofing job, I bet that Trixie will be trying to help the crew and Gus will be guarding the bed…

  2. Seems like things are always coming to a boil on the interwebs A large-scale cyber attack is always on its way. Probably an attempt to bring down “us” or “them” economically/technologically.

    Freezing my buns off in CT. Going to wear a helmet to fend of the bombardment of ads tomorrow- just hoping for a good game…don’t care who wins.

    Take a look at the blog and harken back to the days when FOLK was KING. (folk? + king? where’s my cuss jar?)

  3. Chinese food and Scottish whiskey tonight. Tomorrow I’m sleeping most of the day so I can stay up and watch the Superbowl (which finishes around 4am here) and still have enough energy to go to work a couple of hours afterwards.

  4. Brought my daughter to a Health & Fitness show. If there were 15 stalls we were lucky. Not very good but it was free entry. She got a few ideas. She wants to be a personal fitness instructor when she finishes school

  5. Make sure your roofing man, one, is bonded and insured, and two, has a big roll-a-round magnet to clean up around the house.

    • Agree 100% with Kip. Esp on the bonded & insured. And we found roofing nails in the garden and lawn for years. They have to use that thing a couple times @ day. And if you have an attic, make sure everything up there is covered or removed. All that banging knocks a lot of crap down, esp in an older house.

      And isn’t roofing heat-sealed by the sun? I don’t usually see roofs going on in mid-winter. If they don’t properly seal, and you get a big wind coming thru, your neighbors will be collecting your shingles.

  6. tim, I’ll be sure to check that out. We’re set for this year. As a matter of fact I’m just sitting here waiting for it to start.

  7. “Dog in the fire”? Is that a typo or is that a regional idiom? It doesn’t make sense to me; it’s always been “dog in the fight” where I come from.

    • I think it was supposed to be dog in the fight. My excuse was, I was tired. Not getting to bed til after midnight several nights in a row when I’m used to going to bed around 10 pm and getting up at the same time in the morning is taking a toll on me. Of course it’s now 1:11 am and I’m still up, so this answer might be incorrect too.

  8. I’ve put shingles on in the winter before, careful bending them, they break easy
    I might go with tin when my roof needs replaced
    I would think your dogs would be good at roofing woofing

    2013 superbowl ads

  9. I’d like to address the fact that Google has put all of America, and many other nations, into a censored, ‘kid safe ‘ mode, with no means to bypass it!.. Am I the only one that is outraged by this?…. should I post this somewhere else?
    There is a world-wide internet out there… and now we are not allowed to see it!
    has my fight for freedom been in vein?


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