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Meeting tim2I had the pleasure of having dinner with Tim S. from Chicago this evening.  We met at Bandana’s BBQ, a local favorite here in the St. Louis area.  Tim is in the area this week working as a software consultant. 

We chatted about movies and TV shows, blogging and of course the weather in Chicago vs. St. Louis. (At least he isn’t a big Cubs fan.)  I’ve confirmed that Tim’s memories of old movies is much better than mine.

They all but ran us out at closing time.  I had my camera with me but just forgot to get a picture.  So, I created one that is real close to what the photo would have been like.  I’m the one on the left.


6 comments to Meeting me – Meeting you

  • Tim

    Jonco – the pleasure was all mine. At our ages, I think it is better that we shut down a restaurant instead of a bar…

    And you did get my hair right–so I need to go get it cut when I get back home. Also, thank you for portraying me as thinner than I am.

    And for the record: the only thing I like about the Cubs is their stadium. Wrigley Field, while it may be falling apart, is a beautiful stadium. If I had to pick a Chicago-area baseball team to be a fan of, I would pick the Kane County Cougars, (unfortunately, they are now a farm team for the Cubs, though).

    I hope to get back to the St. Louis area again so we can meet up again. Or actually make it to a BABBQ.

  • Lol Great shot Jonco. Love what you’ve done with your hair.
    Tim – I have that same t-shirt but in blue.

  • DJ

    Great to finally see Tim. I always thought he was a little younger and had hands.

  • charlie

    Great photo. Have you seen the blog, ‘Parenting with Crappy Pictures’? It’s a classic…

  • Mathman54

    You are so resourceful, Jonco. 🙂

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