Dymo Stamps is a Rippoff

Dymo turboSeveral months ago I purchased a Dymo LabelWriter 400 Twin Turbo label printer.  It works great and I use it to print mailing labels and other labels around the office.  It also prints postage labels so I never have to go to the post office.  The problem is with the Dymo Stamps program that prints the labels.  I had purchased some Dymo compatible postage labels at a fraction of the cost of Dymo brand labels, and they worked perfectly in the machine.  I was a happy camper along with many other customers.  Then last week they announced that in order to use the postage software to print the stamps you have to enter an activation code that is located on the roll of Dymo brand stamp labels. The software does not work with compatible labels.   The problem is that the compatible labels cost less than one cent each while the Dymo brand labels cost eight cents each.  That’s more than eight times the price.  I can understand them being a little higher, maybe even double the price of the generic labels but eight times as much?  That’s not fair at all.  No dymo

They claim  that the move is being made to “safeguard against the likelihood that your stamps will be rejected due to incompatible or counterfeit labels”.  Likelihood?  Come on, we’re smarter than that.  I understand that the software comes free with the printer and there are no monthly fees but I’d rather pay $50 for the software than be ripped off seven cents every time I print a postage stamp.  They have a $9.99 a month version where you can use any labels you want, so where’s the concern about the LIKELIHOOD of my stamps being rejected by the post office?  Bullshit!  I don’t print enough postage to warrant a monthly fee.

So, if you want a great label printer this is it, but if you want to print postage I’d avoid it.


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  • Martin

    Totally agreed! In my place there are not even genuine labels available (afaik). Therefore I started to use simple sheets of labels (A4- Size in my place, 24 labels each sheet) plus some free software where you can customize the sheets and even choose how many and onto which label(s) you want to print.
    That way I can even use them one by one. The only inconvenience is that I have to place the sheet on the manual feeder of my printer – that’s all.

  • Well that’s a shame. You were just telling me how much you loved that thing!

  • Dorkyman

    I’m hoping that Dymo realizes the big black eye they are giving themselves and reverses their policy. I’d always thought the Dymo Stamps app was a great way to sell Labelwriter printers and as well as a means of attaching positive goodwill towards the company and its products.

    Or, perhaps someone will come out with a “patch” to the application that bypasses the registration check. Here’s hoping.

    • Jonco

      Update: I just tried to print a stamp to see what would happen and it worked. Not sure if it will again. (I had printed plenty before the deadline just in case)

  • IrvineCAGuy

    OK fellow consumers. This is where OUR collective voices need to be heard. I flipped when Dymo/Endicia told me the reason. Then, they explain: if you purchase the $9.99/month program, you can use any labels. So YES they are pulling obvious BS on us consumers. I did buy their paper at $17.00/roll and guess what, they didn’t require I enter the authorization code. Lies around every question. SO. We all need to call and complain to Dymo Stamps. Don’t let up. File a complaint with the BBB, blog about it. Let our voice be heard. We will take NO Bull from Dymo. Thanks

  • jsc

    program now starts in June

  • Avram

    That means we have time to file complaints with the BBB, Attorney General, and post on other websites. Consumers DO have voice. You have to let your opinion be heard on social media.

  • Rod

    It is a shame! I have been using Dymo Stamps for several years and I really love the fact it cuts down on my trips to the Post Office. I will probably go back to buying my stamps at the Post Office until gasoline reaches $90 per gallon. In the meantime for those of you from Dymo that are monitoring these comments: I think you have now discovered your customers are really ticked off. The ball is now in your court to do the right thing.

  • Ed

    This is like buying a coffeemaker, using it for months or years, and then one day being told that your coffeemaker will no longer work unless you buy coffee from them, or pay an extra monthly fee to keep using your own coffee. If those terms were disclosed ahead of time, fine, but you’ll search all over your printer box in vain.

    I did file a BBB complaint, by the way, which was useless (they claim they can’t tell a company to change their policy). So, we really need a class action lawyer to take this one.

  • If the paid version allows you to use any old label then it’s a software-based thing.
    I wouldn’t expect it to take long for unscrupulous barsteward to crack the paid version.
    I would expect that those who believe you reap what you sow might think a graspingly greedy company like that are just asking people to take the dodgy route.

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