Driving While Stoned

CNN affiliate KIRO tested drivers who had smoked marijuana. Something that never occurred to me is how states with varying levels of legal marijuana use have to establish limits on how much would make you legally ineligible to drive a vehicle. They have, and if these test subjects are any indication, you’ll probably need several times the legal limit before police will observe you driving erratically. That said, you should never operate a vehicle, or any heavy machinery, while impaired, legally or not.




2 thoughts on “Driving While Stoned

  1. North Carolina’s laws have changed from Driving Under Influence to Driving While Impaired, so now they do not have to prove what you are impaired by, (alcohol, drugs, diabetes, texting, changing a CD, eating a cheeseburger)or how much impairment you have. All they are concerned with is that you have enough money when you come to court. If you cannot pay the judge, he will hold a grudge.


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