Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open mic

The midwest got hammered with snow and ice on Thursday with some areas getting up to a foot of snow.  We got about 3 to 4 inches of sneet (a snow and sleet mixture) here.  more rain changing into snow is forecast for Monday and Tuesday and back into rain Wednesday and Thursday… 

Forecast feb 23

What’s going on in your world?



14 comments to Weekend Open Mic

    • Jonco

      I like the Billikens (and other local teams) but don’t really “:follow” then. I am a Bob Ramsey fan though. He used to come in and play volleyball with a group at a local church on Friday nights when he was available. This was years ago but I’ve always liked him and he’s an excellent broadcaster. Thanks for sharing that clip.

  • oldbear

    thats about the same weather an forcast fer us here in INDIANA,, ready fer winter to be done,,

    • DJ

      Mid 30s for the next week or so in N Ohio. Little bit of snow here and there, but nothing big. So no snow shoveling, but no mosquitoes or lawn mowing either lol.

  • Our CT weather guys hyped it as best as they could, but no one believed them…no one in this house, anyway. Just cold rain here. I found an interesting estate sale last week, you can read about it here, or just go right to the puzzle – see if you can solve it.

    • g-bull

      I’ve solved it in my head (I can picture it), although I don’t know exactly how to put it into words…

      As long as the thin strip of the card (with the “PROBLEM:”) is narrow enough to pass through the red hole along with the string, then I’ve figured it out.


      • Spoiler aside – Good job! Admittedly, I had to cheat. The thin strip is so fragile that I was afraid I would tear it. Searching “tag and string puzzle” brought me to a similar one.

  • Bella

    Weather-wise, you name it we’ve got it. Just clear off the walkway and it rains, then that freezes so you chip it off. Then it melts and snows again. Then the sun comes out. I’m not complaining. Typical heading into spring weather. Great!

  • Barbwire

    Forecast for tomorrow is low seventies.

  • bitscared

    That looks a lot like my week, weather wise. Just minus the rain and change all the temps to Celsius!

  • whiskieboy

    Were having an unusually looooong summer with temps in the high 90’s for much longer than we like, its also “warm” at nights which makes sleeping difficult. Just cant wait for some cool weather, send me snow pictures that might help, no keep the pictures just send snow 🙂

  • Richard

    It’s shaping up to be a nice day here in the South. High today is forecast for 68 and partly cloudy.

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