Allison: Harlem Shaker

B&P reader Sander of Kansas City sends along this video of his daughter Allison.  The little ham is doing the Harlem Shake. 

What the hell is the Harlem Shake? …  in case you’re wondering as much as I was.

Thanks Sander


5 comments to Allison: Harlem Shaker

  • tweety

    One person (wearing a mask), starts dancing around and everyone else makes a point of seeming normal and ignoring that person. After a minute or two, everyone else joins in – acting as goofy as possible.

  • Tim

    Sander – that was cute and so is your daughter. Thank you for sharing.

  • Bella

    She’s growing up right before our eyes Sander. What a cutie patootie. :)

  • Sander

    Thanks Tim and Bella! I have had this idea for a little bit but my daughter just wouldn’t play along. I had to bake cookies just to bribe her to go out in the cold to do this. But she LOVES the video.

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