Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open mic

Balmy: Forecast jan 19We’re experiencing another mini heat wave in the St. Louis area today as the temperatures knock on 60’s door.  The bottom drops out tomorrow as we head back to more seasonal weather.  Come on springtime!

Glutton for punishment:  I’m once again trying to get cable phone and internet service at B&P headquarters.  The last effort was a few months ago and it never came to be because the wiring on my street wasn’t useable or I was too far away for service depending on who you talked to.  The latter excuse made no sense since there is a box farther down the street than my house. They’ve since installed new underground cabling and they have a big green box in my front yard.   Assuming is actually gets installed, and that’s a big assumption, I’ll end up saving about $30 a month after the 2 year initial deal which will save me about $50 a month.  That’s on top of it being much faster than the DSL I currently have which drops the connection every so often. They’re supposed to be here this afternoon to do the installation.  So if you don’t hear from me for a few days you’ll know things didn’t go well.

B&P Running Smoothly:  After last weekend’s slowdown of the site loading and outage things seem to be running smoothly.  We’ve reactivated the plugins and all seems to be well.  The solution to the problem was the optimization of the database which was suggested by B&P reader Big Harv.  I tried to email Big Harv because I wanted to get his address to send him a reward but the email address he entered with his comment is not working for me.  So, Big Harv, if you’re out there send me an email with your name and address and I’ll ship you out a little prize package.

That’s about all from here in sunny, warm St. Louis, what’s going on in your world?



12 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic

  1. I agree. We seen to be headed for more frigid weather here in CT this week. Jonco, glad to hear you upgraded your internet service. Let me know if you ever have trouble with customer service.

    I found some collectors coins an an unlikely place and it is the subject of this weeks Patch article. Read it here.

    On the blog you can take the discontinued cookie quiz (well most are gone).

    Have a great week/weekend!


  2. Wow – I wish the weather was that warm up here in Minneapolis. After topping out close to 40 today, it’s currently 9 degrees with 32 MPH winds. Tomorrow night should dip to -14, and the forecasted HIGH for Monday is -4. Gotta love Minnesota.

    The sad thing is there’s no snow on the ground, after the rain last weekend washed it all away. I suppose that’s good news though – the weatherman said it would actually be 10 or 15 degrees colder over the next couple days if we had decent snowcover.

    Usually we get down to -25 at least one night every winter, so all in all this one has been pretty mild.


  3. We’re having nice warm days here in SoCal as well–every day in the 70s, but it’s still 50 or below at night.


  4. It hit 115 degrees (in your language) in Sydney Australia, hottest ever recorded there, maybe theres something to the global warming. Had over 130 forest fires in the state. Not the worst we’ve had, but still lives lost. Forecast to cool down next week. Should be around 90 degrees.


    • Yah, I’ll stop whining aboot cold when I see the other half of the world burning up. Thinking about you Doug & of course Bitsy. Take Care.


  5. You are just now upgrading to cable from DSL? And here I was complaining that my wi-fi was too weak to run all the computers in the house! The cable company fixed that Friday, and I no longer have to run an ethernet cable from the living room to the office.


    • Yes, I’m just now upgrading. I’m a little slow. Plus I tried to do it a few months ago but they couldn’t serve me until they ran new wiring just recently.


  6. And I guess no one cares NE cost me another $20, WTF is going on in the NFL if you can’t trust the pundits? Next New Years Resolution, Quit betting on football. Just give me one more game, then I can quit. Honest, really.


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