WANTED: Website problem solver

I have a website that is down at the moment because of the following message from Dreamhost: 

Help keyTraffic to your site was causing instability on the entire machine. I’m sure you can understand why we cannot allow this is a shared hosting environment. Once the traffic to your site decreases, we will consider reenabling the domain.

We have a wiki article that can help you determine the cause of your usage spike:


Most of the above wiki article flies way over my head.

If someone out there understands “shells” and ‘PuTTY” and things of that nature and can help resolve whatever the issue that is causing the problem I’d appreciate hearing from you.  The extensive gratitude of hundred or thousands of readers and maybe a small payment of some kind could be arranged.

Contact me at jonco@bitsandpieces.us if you think you might be of service.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.

UPDATE:  We’re working on the problem now.  Hopefully there will be a fairly quick resolution.  Stay tuned!

Thanks to those who responded.



22 thoughts on “WANTED: Website problem solver

  1. It looks like there may be a particular IP address that is polling “abusing” your site by searching out a script to activate. Maybe a spammer or virus plant. Dream host wants you to look at the ass-end of the site and find either which script or plugin and which IP address may be to blame. It looks like a mountain of work depending on the number of IPs access your site. PuTTy as I understand it is an .exe for talking to, polling adding removing things from the server where your plugins exist. If there was an easier interface you were using, the instructions in the wiki link are for an advanced user (duh). I don’t know how but I can grasp some of the concepts. What you need is a HS geek that needs a constant supply of pepsi and $20’s to fund his own techie needs. I wish you luck.


  2. Don’t they understand that you don’t need this bulltweetie???
    What an inconvenience to you. Me and the gang might have to come down there and straighten this out for you. 😉
    Good Luck Jonco.


  3. If you are really stuck, I could take a look, but it has been a few years since I got down and dirty with a server.

    Only problem is, it would have to wait until next Monday, (your Sunday).


  4. Putty is a freeware application that allows you to remotely log into a system/device as if you were directly connected to it. You’ll type in the IP address or machine name you want to connect with and it will establish a session. You can configure the ‘port’ you wish to connect. There’s actually a list of well-known ports, but this type of session would normally be a 23(telnet) or 22(ssh). Web browsers routinely connect via port 80 (http) or 443 (https). I normally used it for SSH (secure sessions) to Unix/Linux/Solaris devices or to LAN gear (switches/routers/wireless devices).


  5. I have a nice aluminum baseball bat that I would gladly loan to you, if you think that would help in any way. Just remember, there is no problem on Planet Earth than cannot be overcome with the proper amount of high explosives.


  6. What is DreamHost charging you? Have you considered switching over to Squarespace? I think they can port your Blog(s) over.


  7. Are you now hooked up to cable? The problem may have something to do with that. I am a tech idiot, but have not had good experiences with cable.


  8. Jonco, puTTY is just a terminal emulator program. It’s one of the best, and it’s free to use. It gives you the equivalent of a “DOS prompt” on the server your troubled web site runs on. Dreamhost’s wiki is providing you with a list of commands and options to help you ferret out the source of the excessive need for processing power. I’m sort of surprised they haven’t developed an automated report script for you, but I suppose most hosting companies haven’t bothered either.

    If you need someone else’s help in order to try those wiki instructions, you need to make sure your helper is absolutely trustworthy because you’ll need to share your account name and password, which gives total control over your account. You might need to check with Dreamhost to see if shell access is part of your service plan, as it may be extra.

    I don’t know what Dreamhost’s employee rules are like, but if helping you to fix this problem is beyond the scope of your service plan, you could inquire about hiring one of their techs to help you after their shift ends. You could pay him/her via PayPal, and they could walk you through the process over the phone or Skype. They likely have admin access anyway, so if they need your username and password, you can trust them with it(but change your password beforehand, and then change it again once they’re done fixing you up). If Dreamhost’s techs are barred from moonlighting, you could call up a few local PC shops to make a similar offer. You’re also quite welcome to contact me; see my website link.


    • The problem apparently is some MOFO scumbag bot in China is sending thousands of spam comments there every hour and it’s disrupting the server that the site is on. That’s why they disabled the site. We’re working on blocking comments from China. Hopefully we’ll be back up later today.


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