Uncontrollable Flatulence

Uncontrollable flatulence

Uncontrolled flatulence2

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12 comments to Uncontrollable Flatulence

  • Bloody hell – September 19th was like a Miles Davis tribute day.

  • WhoKilledMayorMcCheese

    I don’t see any problem, there’s no reason to raise a stink.

  • Richard

    Ah yes, red beans and rice strike again…

  • Johnno

    It doesn’t seem excessive to me… But filthy farts are just sooooooo bad.
    Maybe someone should be looking at his diet, I understand beans and cabbage are ripper material.
    LMAO, I am glad I don’t work in the module.

  • alpo

    43 farts in 12 days….thats sounds like standard farting procedure to me…i far at least 43 times in 12 days are I would probley die, EVERYONE farts, get the guy some Fabreeze or Lysol

  • Phil

    Poor guy just needs some of these, http://under-tec.com/, maybe they’re covered by workers comp.

  • that1chick

    Let the poor guy work from home, or give him his own office. Maybe he can file for Social Security Disablity, inability to work due to a medical problem, he has documentation from the Socail Security Administration itself. That should go over like a fart in a whirlwind.

  • Tim

    Our tax dollars at work.

  • Nick

    I smell a discrimination lawsuit.

  • King Pickles

    Fart Chart! LOL

  • Phil

    Somebody needs to write up the Module manager for wasting taxpayer dollars. You and I actually paid this guy to spending his time recording who’s farting, and at what time, and then to write a government document about it.

  • cordee

    I agree with Phil, it would be cheep and save the tax payers a lot more if they got him some Beano.

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